Sri Lanka avaSri Lankan weddings are usually big, bright, and pompous, with many guests and the blindingly ornate bride and groom’s outfits. Although, the type of wedding ceremony depends on the ethnic origin and religious beliefs of the couple. The most common and typical wedding traditions and rituals in Sri Lanka are Buddhist Sinhalese, so we’ll talk about the so-called Poruwa siritha or Poruwa ceremony in this post.

Wedding cake avaThis year has brought us some really interesting and unique wedding trends. Particularly, we see new tendencies in wedding décor, wedding meals, wedding cakes, and wedding gifts. So, if you’re planning a wedding in 2022 – the beginning of 2023, this post might be of use for you. Wedding trends sometimes change fast, and you need to constantly follow these changes to stay up to date. Here’s what’s new in the wedding business.

Toilet set avaWhen your wedding ceremony, reception, and even first wedding night are over, a new page of your life together as a couple begins. And what better way to show your honey how much you love her or him than to exchange small meaningful gifts the morning after your first wedding night? It can be jewelry, something DIYed specifically for this occasion, a personalized item of some kind, or anything your loved one might be happy to get. Although, you’d be surprised to find out what morning gifts 18th-century aristocrats gave to their brides.

money talk avaIt’s not a secret that a wedding is an expensive event and you might not have the right amount of money for the wedding of your dream. So, how can you possibly cover the wedding expenses and how to talk money with your family? Here are a few tips that will probably help you to organize a perfect wedding without the money drama, especially if you have to ask your parents or other people to pay for your wedding.

Cuban wedding avaCuban weddings are cheerful and populous events. Brides buy fancy wedding gowns, dozens of guests bring costly wedding gifts to help the new family start a life together, wedding receptions are rich and plentiful. Although, as beautiful as a Cuban wedding is, the wedding traditions are very strict. For example, single mothers or divorced people are judged by society. At the same time, family is everything for Cubans, and it is common for extended families to live together in a large household. Let’s dive into the top-5 most typical and curious wedding traditions in Cuba.

statement makeup avaThe wedding season 2022 promises to be colorful, unique, and unexpected. Couples are looking for new and unusual ideas for their wedding. The more unique and personalized a wedding is, the more it is talked about, the better. So, gone are neutral tones and muted looks, replaced by vivid colors, statement wedding makeup and accessories, heirloom wedding bands and wedding jewelry, etc. Let’s look into some 2022 wedding trends regarding the wedding look of the bride and groom.

Wedding ring holder avaEvery couple is unique and deserves a wedding that will be perfect for them. These days, every little detail of your wedding can be personalized – attire, bouquet, wedding décor and flowers, theme and colors of the wedding, wedding rings, etc. But in this post, we’d like to give you some heads-up about wedding bands holders you can choose for your big day. Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you decide what kind of a wedding rings holder you and your partner would prefer.

wedding venue avaMost couples are ready to spend about 40-50% of their wedding budget on the wedding venue. If you’re ok with that and want a classic beautiful wedding with as little stress during your wedding planning as possible, just book a nice wedding venue for your big day. Although if you’re looking for a less expensive and more personalized and unique wedding location, we’d like to offer you a few interesting options. They probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a wedding venue, but they can be fun and wonderful-looking.

Double cups avaEvery period in history is characterized by its own unique wedding gifts people choose. Today, guests often buy certificates so that the bride and groom could pick whatever activity or product they want. A few decades ago, people gave toasters and tea sets. And a few centuries ago, fancy double cups were sometimes presented as a marriage gift by wealthy relatives. And honestly, who would say No to such a lovely and elaborate wedding present?!

Wedding rehearsal avaMost of us are invited to be a groomsman or bridesmaid at a wedding at some point when our close friends or family members get married. So the issue of what to wear for such an occasion is pretty common. In this post, we’re giving a few pieces of advice to those men who are preparing to be someone’s groomsmen. What should you wear? Do you have a say in this or you must blindly follow the bride and groom’s instructions? What clothing should be avoided and why? These tips regarding the groomsman attire will definitely be useful.