disappointment avaSometimes, everything just doesn’t go as you’ve planned. Even when you did all you possibly could to organize a perfect wedding. Even when your plan is great. There is still a chance that something will go wrong. What can you do to feel better if you can’t fix the problem? How to cope with your disappointment? Because a lot of people consider their wedding day one of the best days in their life and have extremely high expectations, so when even the smallest detail goes not according to plan, they feel devastated. Hopefully, this post will help you avoid such drama.

Advice #1

Don’t bottle up your negative emotions

If you feel sad about something that goes wrong at your wedding, don’t bottle up these feelings – disappointment, anger, sadness, etc. Cry if you think it might help you feel better. Throw things. But!!! Never offend the people around you – your honey, bridesmaids or groomsmen, your wedding vendors, etc. It won’t help but you’ll hurt their feelings and possibly ruin your friendship or relationships. The best option is to talk to somebody who will understand you – for example, your best friend, a parent, or a sibling. Tell them about your emotions, let them support you, maybe hug you. Let the negative feelings out so that you don’t accumulate them.

Advice #2

If vendor messed up, let them know

This situation happens rather often. Maybe you and your wedding vendor didn’t understand each other or this person made a mistake – no matter what the reason is, vendors mess up sometimes. And it’s your right to let them know about it, to tell them that they’re not providing a service you paid for. Of course, you shouldn’t make a grand scandal and offend this person. But you need to verbalize your disappointment and complaints. You can even ask for a refund. If you keep silent and leave your complaints to yourself, they probably will mess up again at someone else’s wedding.

Advice #3

Prepare yourself for little fails

Even if you’ve thoroughly planned everything for your wedding and taken into consideration every little detail, there’s still a chance that it won’t go as planned. Prepare yourself emotionally for little fails – don’t expect them or spend the whole day waiting for them but you should realize that they can happen. This will help you react easier and with less drama. Let your perfect wedding have its tiny mishaps.

Advice #4

Focus on the good

A wedding is a big event (we mean not the size of it but the significance), complicated, it involves a lot of people, etc. Something always goes wrong, no matter how perfect your plan is. At the same time, there are always some wins – some good things that went ideally, your favorite moments or things (your wedding bouquet looks just as you’ve envisioned it? the weather is perfect? You’re marrying the love of your life?). Focus on these good things and good feelings instead of musing about the fails.

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