Wedding trend avaThe next wedding season will truly give us some joy after these last few years of canceled weddings and zoom ceremonies without real guests. In 2023, people will at last fully enjoy this significant day of their life. And to make a wedding even more spectacular, fresh wedding trends are coming our way – and they are among the most charming wedding trends we’ve seen for years.

Sheer detachable sleeves

This is a very handy and charming trend – instead of changing a dress sometime during the wedding day, you can just take the sleeves off and your attire will look different. Besides, the sleeves of wedding gowns that will be trendy in 2023 are pretty large, puffy, and eye-catching. They are a good accent in your wedding look. Among the most favored types of wedding dress sleeves, there will be sheer puffed sleeves, bishop sleeves, leg-o-mutton sleeves, and similar spectacular designs.

Textured wedding cakes

The wedding season 2023 is all about mixing different textures. And the wedding cake trends this year are also connected with texturing. Bakers will offer wedding cakes decorated with icing and other trimmings that stick out, give some depth to the cake surface. Often, these decorations will be made in the same color palette as the cake surface, but they’ll add extra texture to the dessert.

Walls of snacks

Another wedding food trend in 2023 is using walls of snacks – it can be such a fun! Couples hang packets of snacks, like chips, nuts, or other crunchy snacks in rows on the wall. It’s both a decoration of the venue and a corner where hungry wedding guests can get a quick bite. If you’re against unhealthy foods, you can use organic sweets, dried fruits, a nut mix, etc. Great idea actually.

Wedding colors 2023

Among the most trendy wedding colors this season are the dusty blue color, sage green, and purple shades. Also, classic blush, navy blue, metallics, and earth tones aren’t going anywhere. So, if you want to use one of these colors as your wedding color, feel free to do so.

Minimalist wedding stationery

Elaborately decorated and motley wedding invitations are so not trendy in 2023. This wedding season, go for simpler designs of wedding invitation suite – clean strict lines, simple fonts, minimum of text, and classic style of stationery. Often, black letters on white paper, nothing else, no colors and decorations.

Movable floral installations to help you cut wedding expenses

Flowers are an important part of the wedding décor for many couples, but also, people are looking for new ways to cut the expenses. So, here’s a wonderful idea how you can do that – have movable statement flower arrangements. This installation can be used at the altar, then moved to the wedding reception entrance, and then to a photo zone. You can save a lot of money on your wedding florals just ordering movable installations.

Switching places with your officiant

Traditionally at many weddings, the bride and groom at the altar stand with their backs to the guests, while the officiant faces the audience. But recently, this classic position is being rethought. In the end, your guests came to witness your wedding ceremony and want to see your emotions and your expressions, not the officiant’s. So, couples began to switch places with their wedding officiant.

Destination weddings

This year, when we finally can go abroad more freely, destination weddings are back and gain popularity fast. That’s totally understandable. People miss traveling. So, if you’ve always wanted to have a wedding somewhere outside of your country, this is your chance – destination weddings will be extremely trendy in 2023.

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