Wedding jewelry avaIt’s no secret that women love jewelry, and what a better accessory for a blushing bride than a nice jewelry piece – whether it’s an elegant pearl necklace, a sparkling tiara with diamonds and Swarovski crystals, a heavy gold bracelet, statement earrings, an intriguing choker, or some other adornment of your choice. So, let’s look at the photos of beautiful brides from different corners of the world and note their wedding jewels. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your own wedding attire.

Wedding guests avaLate spring and summer are busy wedding season, so there’s a big possibility you’ll be invited as a guest to a wedding. This event is very important for any bride and groom, and you have to pay extra care about how you dress for a wedding (even someone else’s), especially if it’s a summer wedding. We’ve prepared a few useful tips about what you should wear as a wedding guest in the heat of the summer. These pieces of advice will be handy for men and women alike and help you show your respect to the newlyweds-to-be.

Fall wedding avaWedding dresses are expensive – everybody knows that and we’ve learned to put up with it. Some people realize from the beginning they’ll have to spend a good size sum of money on wedding attire, others search for ways to reduce the expenses. And of course, there always are options. For instance, you can buy a used dress, create one yourself, or remake your mother’s, sister’s, friend’s, etc wedding gown. In this post, let’s talk about where you can find a cheap wedding dress and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice.

Wedding war avaUkraine is now involved in a full-fledged ugly war with Russia. But it doesn’t mean we have to become ugly as well. Ukrainians can find beauty and romance in everything, even in a war. Life goes on, love goes on, couples continue to get married and give birth to babies. In this post, we’d like to show you the reality of Ukrainian wedding fashion 2022. We consciously choose these wedding looks or sometimes don’t have a lot of a choice. Let’s see how Ukrainian brides and grooms look at their military weddings 2022.

Wedding makeup avaIn 2022, we see a rather dramatic change in wedding makeup trends. If earlier it was the vogue for brides to wear minimalist, light, neutral makeup, now it’s time to turn the tables. Most wedding experts advise picking a more vivid and colorful wedding makeup in 2022. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, eye-catching accents, and unusual makeup ideas. Muted colors and neutral palettes are in the past. Although if you prefer a minimalist makeup style, it’s only up to you what wedding look to choose – just a touch of makeup or smokey eyes or a natural look or bright and vivid accents.

Grooms attire avaMost brides imagine their future wedding years before it actually happens, they think through every little detail and know exactly what they want to wear for this huge occasion. But with men, it’s a lot simpler – they don’t usually care too much about the wedding attire. It’s up to each groom as to what he prefers to wear on this day. We just want to share with you 5 general tips that will help you look your best on your wedding day.

honeymoon avaA lot of couples find themselves in a situation when they barely can afford to pay for the wedding, let alone the honeymoon. My husband and I actually had to skip our honeymoon because we didn’t have the money for it, like, at all. But at the time, we didn’t know we could get a honeymoon for free! So, it’s only fair I share this trick with you, now that I know about it. And no, it’s not cheating or fraud but a totally legal way of handling your wedding budget. Be smart about your wedding vendor payments and get the best benefits of your credit card bonuses.

Ghana wedding avaGhanaian weddings are often grand and opulent, especially thanks to extraordinary bridal attire that simply can’t be missed. But wedding outfits are not the only interesting and unique thing about weddings in Ghana. The local wedding rituals are also worth our attention – funny engagement negotiations, presenting the wedding gifts and dowry, fake brides ritual, and many more. Let’s take a closer look at Ghanaian wedding rituals below.

wedding flowers avaThe years 2021-2022 are hard for the flower business, so we might have some issues with wedding florals in the near future. But there are ways of coping with them you probably haven’t even thought about. We offer you the top-5 useful tips and tricks that will help you avoid any wedding flowers drama. Pick the right florals for your wedding and you’ll forget about any problems or the shortage. Be smart about your wedding flower choice, be flexible, and trust your vendor.

Wedding cake2 avaThis wedding season, or rather wedding year, smaller but more colorful, opulent, and unusually flavored wedding cakes will be trendy. The couples are expected to impress and surprise their guests with unique wedding desserts. And the flavor is a lot more important than the size or décor. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with tastes and combine flavors that seem incompatible – just make sure your wedding cake is delicious.