bridal hairstyle5 avaWhen you’re shopping for your wedding gown, remember that there is your ordinary sizing and then, there is bridal sizing. And they are different. The bridal size depends on where the dress is made (the US, the UK, China, Italy, Canada, etc), the designer’s point of view, and so on. Don’t be scared of another sizing but make sure the dress fits you, especially if you’re buying it online. We have some more tips and pieces of advice regarding the wedding gown sizing for you in the post below.

Kids at wedding avaIf you already have kids and are getting married, don’t be shy to involve them in your wedding photos. Babies, toddlers, and older children, including teenagers, look adorable in wedding pics. And they usually love to pose with the bride and groom in their beautiful “fairy tale” (as some kids say) wedding outfits. Little girls in princess dresses and boys in tiny suits – what can be lovelier?! To convince you, here are a few cute wedding photos with kids acting as bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls, pageboys, ring boys and girls, etc. You can also invite your nephews and nieces, little siblings, or friends’ children to assist you at your wedding.

Tajik womanTajikistan is a Central Asian country and thus, many local wedding traditions are common for the whole region. But, of course, there are also unique, typically Tajik wedding customs and rituals. In this post, we’ll talk about both. Among other things, we’ll find out what a kalym is, how old Tajik brides usually are, and why Tajik craftswomen intentionally make flaws in the needlework decorating the bridal veil.

Wedding cake cutting avaThe wedding photos are a huge part of your wedding memories and experience. And if you want them to be good, you’ll have to make some effort. First of all, hire a pro wedding photographer. But that’s by far not all you need. The pieces of advice you’ll find out from this post are truly unique – you’ve probably never even thought about it. But these little things will help you get better wedding pics, which is worth consideration, isn’t it?

Indonesian wedding avaIndonesia is one of those countries with the most elaborate, costly, and beautiful wedding clothing. Besides, the variety of styles of traditional wedding attire is truly impressive. Every region has its own traditional wedding costumes of the bride and groom and, sometimes, they differ so much! But the general look and main features are common, so you don’t doubt this folk wedding attire is from Indonesia, just can’t always say from what area. Here you are just a few Indonesian traditional wedding outfits in all their glory, with lovely adornments, gold embroidery, intricate headdresses, and massive jewelry.

Wedding dessert table avaWedding dessert tables are favored by many couples today. A separate corner (table, counter, or even a few small tables) with various sweets for the wedding guests can be a lovely wedding venue décor item, not just a place where you can have a bite. There is a myriad of options of wedding desserts, so you’re free to have bite-size desserts, a pie bar, an assortment of cupcakes with different toppings, a fruit bar, a wall of sweet chewy snacks, or any other wedding desserts you like. You can even have both a grand wedding cake and multiple mini desserts.

wedding dress texture avaOne of the most important things for any bride is the wedding dress. Even if you know your body well and can pick the best styles of gowns that will fit you, there are still numerous tricks and peculiarities you should remember when deciding what to wear for your wedding. What wedding gowns are trendy today and which of them will remain the vogue 12-18 months from now when your wedding is due? What accessories should you pick for the perfect wedding look? What color of the wedding dress to choose? If you have all those questions, here are the answers.

wedding avaMany Croatian wedding traditions are truly unique. You won’t find anything like them in other countries. Like offering a piece of apple instead of an engagement ring. Or serving food at the wedding dinner almost until morning. Or having a barjaktar who leads the wedding procession. Croatia has such an interesting wedding culture! Let’s find out more about these and many other Croatian wedding customs.

Wedding bread avaThere is a nice Slavic wedding tradition to use ceremonial wedding bread to bless the newlyweds and ritually feed the guests. Usually, this wedding bread is made in a round shape or sometimes in the shape of a braid. But in Ukraine, the ceremonial breads can be really curiously or even weirdly shaped. For instance, what would you think about wedding bread shaped like a stick, a boot, an antique laundry beater, etc? Intrigued? Let’s look at different Ukrainian wedding bread loaves from a thematic exhibition.

Wedding colors avaEvery December, it’s such fun to learn about new wedding trends for the next year. And wedding colors are one of the most popular topics because the color palette influences everything else – from wedding gowns to flowers to wedding décor to bridesmaids’ dresses to bride’s accessories, and so on and so forth. So traditionally at the end of the year, let’s talk about the wedding colors of 2023. What colors and shades are we going to see most frequently? How vivid is this wedding season going to be? What wedding theme to pick so that the colors are trendy?