bridal hairstyle5 avaWhen you’re shopping for your wedding gown, remember that there is your ordinary sizing and then, there is bridal sizing. And they are different. The bridal size depends on where the dress is made (the US, the UK, China, Italy, Canada, etc), the designer’s point of view, and so on. Don’t be scared of another sizing but make sure the dress fits you, especially if you’re buying it online. We have some more tips and pieces of advice regarding the wedding gown sizing for you in the post below.

Differences between bridal size and street size

If you’ve never tried shopping for a wedding dress, it might be a revelation for you that bridal sizing differs from street sizing. And a lot – up to 2 sizes + or 2 sizes -. So, your usual 10 size might turn into 8 or 12. That’s normal, don’t stress over it. It’s just, bridal sizes are a bit weird. The wedding store assistant will help you find the right size for you, no matter what the numbers say.

One of the main factors influencing the wedding dress size is the country of origin – where this particular gown was produced. Sizes often differ somewhat even with ordinary everyday clothes. American M and Chinese M often are two different sizes. So, if you’re buying your wedding dress online from China, Europe, Canada, or another place, look at the measurements, not just the size.


Bridal size and street size differ


Also, different wedding dress designers have their own opinion about their collection sizing. So, you can find differences even between the gowns created in the same country but by different designers. That’s ok as well.

Anyway, don’t worry. If you’re shopping in a wedding dress store, your shop assistant will help you pick the right sizes. If you’re shopping online, usually, the measurements are mentioned in the description to the dress, so just make more effort to choose the optimal size for your measurements.

Be ready for alterations

And be ready to make some adjustments, because it’s rare when a purchased dress fits perfectly. In most cases, you need to fix something. At the very least, the hem of your dress. That’s why always order your wedding dress ahead of time – delivery takes time, adjustments take time, some force majeure can happen, etc. Always have a few extra weeks for such situations.

What if you’re in between sizes?

If you’re not absolutely sure about your size or are in between sizes, which is very common, the best advice is to order a dress in a bigger size than a smaller. To take in a few extra inches is much easier than to let out.

Be smart about your size

Another tip is be smart about your size and body shape. Many brides work hard to lose some weight and gain a perfect shape for their wedding, so they order a smallish dress in the hopes of fitting it. But if you’re not sure you’ll manage to lose weight or don’t want to do that, it’s absolutely normal to not ware yourself out dreaming about a tiny wedding dress size. You will be beautiful in your wedding dress no matter what’s your body type or size is and, most probably, your honey loves you just the way you are (otherwise, he or she wouldn’t marry you in the first place). So, be realistic about your body when you pick your wedding gown. It’s much better to take more effort choosing the right style and design, than stressing about the size. There are perfect dresses for any body shape and any size – the hardest thing sometimes is to find the One.

Wedding dress budget tip!

Take into consideration that wedding gown alterations also cost money. Your gown should cost less than your bridal dress budget. Otherwise, you won’t be able to adjust the attire to your body, and that’s what’s done almost for any dress. Make sure you have extra several hundreds for the alterations.

Pro wedding seamstress only

And one more thing. When making alterations to your wedding gown, use only a professional wedding seamstress. The fabrics of bridal dresses are usually very delicate, expensive, and tricky to work with. So, a person who’ve never worked with these fabrics can ruin your precious dress.

Good luck with picking your perfect wedding gown and know this: you will be a beautiful and loved bride no matter what wedding attire you wear.

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