Wedding colors avaEvery December, it’s such fun to learn about new wedding trends for the next year. And wedding colors are one of the most popular topics because the color palette influences everything else – from wedding gowns to flowers to wedding décor to bridesmaids’ dresses to bride’s accessories, and so on and so forth. So traditionally at the end of the year, let’s talk about the wedding colors of 2023. What colors and shades are we going to see most frequently? How vivid is this wedding season going to be? What wedding theme to pick so that the colors are trendy?

Blue tones

The wedding season 2023 will be bluish. Various shades of blue, especially dusty blue, subtle blue, pale blue, etc are trendy now. These delicate blue shades mix perfectly with the classic white, ivory, and cream colors typical for many Western-style weddings. You can add just a hint of blue – for example, some blue flowers in your wedding bouquet or blue ribbons to your DIY wedding décor, or you can use the blue color abundantly, including your bridesmaids’ outfits and wedding décor.

To create a tasteful and trendy color palette, mix pale blue with champagne, gold copper, or cream.

Cream on cream

And when we say “cream on cream”, we mean only creams and no vivid accents. You might be tempted to throw some brighter tones for a pop of color, but don’t. If you choose this trend, everything should be creamy. For instance, your bridal bouquet should be created only from cream-colored or white flowers, with just a little of green leaves. This trend will add a more sophisticated and high-class look to your wedding.

If you can’t stick to only cream shades, throw some gold, copper, or bronze in, but not too much. And remember that your metal tones should be yellowish.

Earth tones

Usually, earth tones are popular for summer weddings, but in 2023, this color palette will be used throughout the year. Cognac, toffee, sand yellow, terracotta, mustard, and other tones of this palette are very trendy this wedding season. Some darker blue shades can be mixed with the earth tones as well.

Dark on dark

This color palette might seem very masculine, but actually, it suits perfectly for a wedding. Grooms dressed fully in black next to a bride in white look wonderful and make a perfect contrast. Dark colors in wedding décor, with just a hint of metal tones or some green, work nicely. So, use this trend if you like the style.


Until now, few brides were bold and brave enough to use hot pink as their wedding color, but this will change in 2023. Such colors as hot pink and peachy pink are combined with black and white to create a curious and fresh wedding color palette. But you have to fully dive into this trend, no semitones are allowed)). Use more of peachy pink and add just a hint of hot pink for the accent.

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