wedding dress texture avaOne of the most important things for any bride is the wedding dress. Even if you know your body well and can pick the best styles of gowns that will fit you, there are still numerous tricks and peculiarities you should remember when deciding what to wear for your wedding. What wedding gowns are trendy today and which of them will remain the vogue 12-18 months from now when your wedding is due? What accessories should you pick for the perfect wedding look? What color of the wedding dress to choose? If you have all those questions, here are the answers.

Wedding dress sleeves

In 2023, wedding gowns with detachable sleeves are really trendy. And usually, these sleeves are large, puffy, lacy, or sheer. Of course, various sleeve designs can be used – it depends on your taste, the designer’s plan, the material of the dress itself, etc. Detachable sleeves are great because they visually give you two wedding looks using only one dress – you take the sleeves off and your gown seems like different wedding attire altogether.

Wedding dress overskirt

This is another option of how to make your wedding dress look different for the ceremony and reception. Add an overskirt and you get 2 in 1 look for your wedding outfit. Fewer expenses on the gown means you can afford something else, like fancier flowers or extra beverages or a more luxurious honeymoon! So, overskirts are also trendy this wedding season. And in most cases, these are styles of overskirts open in the front so that they don’t fully hide the beauty of your wedding gown. They are worn on top of fitted wedding dresses to give the illusion of an A-line dress for the official wedding ceremony, while you can expose more of your curves at the reception when you take off the overskirt and stay in a tight-fitting dress. Sometimes, these overskirts can be really long, with a train or the same length as your dress’s hem.

Having 2-3 different looks

A lot of brides and some grooms, too, change once or even twice on their wedding day. They prepare 2 or 3 different outfits, instead of having a 2-in-1 look we talked about in the previous sections. If wearing detachable sleeves or overskirt seems like not enough of a change for you, then feel free to get a totally different attire to change in. For example, there are brides who pick a mini dress or a jumpsuit or a pantsuit for the wedding reception because they feel a lot more comfy in such clothes than in a princess wedding gown.

Corset/bustier wedding dresses

Remember we’ve said detachable sleeves are popular in 2023? This means the wedding dresses are usually strapless bustier-style gowns, so you need a good support for the bodice. That’s why corset or bustier wedding dresses with boning are among the trendiest gowns today. The boning might be visible or hidden – this depends on your taste, but it’s there.

Colorful or patterned wedding gowns

This is a lovely trend. These days, some wedding designers started to incorporate splashes of color to their wedding dresses, not just white or cream gowns. In some cases, there are colorful prints or, for instance, embroideries that add a little bit of color to a plain white dress. Or it can be a brightly-colored bow, ribbon, belt, lace, etc. Usually, the dress itself is classic, light-colored and there are some vivid decorations that add a splash of color to the wedding look. In 2023, color means a lot.

Bows as wedding dress decoration

By the way, this season, bows are fashionable. Of course, not everyone likes bows and sometimes they look terrible on a bridal gown, but there are bows that actually look stylish and elegant. So, don’t judge this trend until you see all the options. Colorful bows are trendy in 2023, sometimes they can be detachable. In any case, think about pretty bows as your wedding gown embellishment.

Texture is important for décor

This season, texture and color are the vogue in wedding dress decorations. There are a lot of 3D adornments – 3D flowers, braiding, and other decorations that create a raised texture on the surface of your wedding gown. Especially, lace with 3D patterns! And also, such décor is trendy not only for wedding dresses but various wedding decor elements as well. If you love 3D texture, this is your wedding season.

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