Happy couple avaEvery couple has a few wedding day regrets, it’s normal, you can’t be prepared for anything, something always goes wrong. By the way, remember about it on your wedding day – it’s fine when things go not as planned. But there are big regrets that can be easily avoided. Some of them are matter-of-course, others might be a surprise for you. But if you know about possible regrets, you’re able to do whatever is needed to fix it. Avoid these 6 biggest regrets to have the wedding of your dream.

Not having enough food

A lot of couples regret not eating enough on the wedding day or not having snacks for the guests, aside from the wedding dinner. When your wedding ceremony, photo shoot, and reception last the whole day long, you need to consider how you’re going to feed your wedding guests during the day. Don’t count on dinner only, people will get hungry much earlier. So, prepare for a few breaks during the day with some snacks and soft drinks. You can consult with your caterer about it or prepare the snacks yourself in advance. Stress and hunger are bad companions.

Also, eat enough yourself on your wedding day. Consider that you might probably skip breakfast or lunch (or both) because of nerves or lack of time. Make sure you can grab a bite at any moment (for example, in the car on your way to the church). It can be an energy bar, a chocolate bar, a pack of nuts, etc. Stay hydrated and fed on your big day. You don’t want to faint or become a terrible bridezilla because you’re hungry and miserable.

Not hiring videographer

Today, when we have so many modern technologies and inventions, think about using them for your wedding. If you can afford it, hire a videographer – you won’t regret it even if you don’t like to be filmed. This important day in your life deserves to be captured on video, not just in photos. Of course, not every couple can spend another few thousand on a wedding videographer, but if your wedding budget allows it, film your big day.

Not hiring pro wedding photographer and not communicating better with him

Some brides and grooms choose to ask a friend to take their wedding photos instead of spending money on an expensive pro photographer. But remember, friendors (friends that serve as wedding vendors) can’t compare with a pro, and they tend to take their responsibilities not very seriously because you’re not paying them or paying less. Yes, a pro wedding photographer will cost you another couple of thousand dollars, but it is worth it. You will keep these photos for years, make sure they’re high-quality and really good.

Another popular regret is that a couple hired not the right photographer for them and isn’t satisfied with their wedding pics. Be very thorough with picking the right vendor. Look through hundreds of photos, ask for a full wedding gallery, communicate with the potential photographer, etc. Hire only an experienced specialist you fully trust and feel comfortable with.

And the third regret connected to wedding photography is not communicating with the photographer enough. Usually, they ask you how you see your wedding photos, what moments you would like to capture, what poses you’d like to try, what genre you want them to use, etc. But if they don’t ask you this, at least make a list of moments you want to be captured so that the photographer knows exactly what you’re expecting from him or her.

If you like selfies and want more homey snaps, not just pro photos made by a specialist, feel free to take a selfie now and then with your family and friends. Don’t just rely on your wedding photographer. Wedding selfies can be really cute and memorable. Important! Assign one person to gather for you the selfies and photos made by wedding guests on their phones. You won’t have time to do it and some cool snaps might be lost if you don’t get them in time.

Not having enough time to enjoy the day

Your wedding day will be packed with actions, experiences, and emotions. Plan some time to just relax for a few minutes and spend just a few moments together with your honey. It’s your day, after all, the celebration of your union and love. When you’re creating your wedding timeline, make sure you don’t have to rush from one location to the next like your buttocks are on fire. You need enough time for your wedding prep to look perfect and you need time to rest between the most emotional and physically hard activities.

Not insisting on things done your way

Parents can be pushy, your bridesmaids can be pushy, your relatives can be pushy. They might try to “help” you by changing things or persuading you to do something the way they see it fit, and you might be too stressed, dreamy, or emotional to let them. If the thing they’re trying to change is really important for you, don’t let anyone stand between you and your dream wedding. It’s your desires that matter on your wedding day, it’s your taste that should determine the dress, décor, photos, and so on. Just this one day, everyone should listen to you.

Not hiring wedding coordinator/planner

When a professional helps you in your wedding prep and directly on your wedding day, it makes your big day a lot less stressful and a lot more organized. Especially if your wedding is big, with dozens or even hundreds of guests. It’s impossible for the bride and groom to control everything and hard to find people who will agree to play organizer instead of having a good time. So, if you can afford it, hire a wedding planner to help you prepare for your wedding or at least hire a wedding coordinator for just one day – a pro knows how to make people move and avoid as many epic fails as possible.

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