bridesmaid dresses ava2Being invited to a wedding is fun and exciting, but it’s also a responsibility. There is a certain code of behavior and dress code you should know and follow. Every wedding guest needs to realize that the couple prepared for this single day for months or even years. You can’t afford to ruin the celebration with an ill-considered decision. For example, don’t wear white clothing to someone’s wedding or don’t drink too much. What other rules for how to be a good wedding guest you should know about?

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Rule #1

Never wear white to a wedding unless you’re asked to

When picking your outfit for someone’s wedding, avoid wearing white, cream, ivory, and other colors that are usually used by brides. You don’t want other wedding guests to confuse you with the bride. The only case when white color is appropriate is if the couple chose it as the wedding color and the bride wears something else entirely. For example, some daring brides pick black or red or yellow, etc for their wedding attire, so white is left for the guests. But unless the couple asks you to wear white, don’t do it.

Rule #2

Don’t text or call the bride on the wedding day

Let the bride enjoy her day without distractions. It also applies to some grooms but not always – some men are totally fine with communicating with their friends in the process of getting ready for the wedding, but that’s because they don’t have as many little details in the wedding look to remember as their brides. Many brides don’t even have a phone with them because they have enough issues to think about and stress about. If you have any questions regarding the wedding day, call or text someone else – the maid of honor, bridesmaids, parents of the bride or groom, siblings, anybody, except for the bride herself.

Rule #3

Send the RSVP card in time

If the couple sends you their wedding invitation and asks you to return the reply card in a certain time frame, do everything you can to carry out with it. It’s really important. Some guests don’t send the RSVP card and then show up at the wedding like nothing happened, but what if the couple didn’t count on you to come because you didn’t let them know you would? They have dozens or even hundreds of wedding guests, they might very well forget about you if there’s no card from you.

And in case you can’t come to the wedding, RSVP to the couple and let them know as soon as possible so that they don’t pay for another seat and meal that won’t be needed.

Rule #4

Don’t get in the way of wedding photographer

During the wedding ceremony, don’t get up and take pics with your smartphone or camera. Let the hired wedding photographer do his or her job. Your getting up and walking in front of their pro camera will only ruin the photos. Believe us, your phone camera won’t take as high-quality pics as the equipment of a pro wedding photographer. Of course, you can snap the wedding and the couple (unless they ask the guests not to) but make it sort of sneak and quiet, don’t be in the way of the hired photographer.

Rule #5

Don’t ask for another meal

Usually at a wedding dinner, you’re provided a choice of the main course – fish, chicken, or vegetarian. But it depends on the couple’s finances, the venue, the catering company, etc. So, you might not have a choice or too small a choice – just accept what you’re given and keep your complaints to yourself. The bride and groom paid a lot of money for the wedding meal and you’ll definitely find something on the table you can eat, so don’t be too picky and don’t make a scene. Even if you’re not fully pleased with your meal, remember that you’re there not for the food but to wish your relatives or friends happiness in marriage.

Rule #6

Be careful with your booze

No one likes drunk and messy wedding guests who fight, shout, fall down, and – god forbid – vomit at the wedding. So, be careful with what you drink and how much. To be tipsy at a wedding is cool but not sloshed. Some couples offer an open bar or a free cocktail bar, but that doesn’t matter you have to try everything and then start from the beginning. Respect the bride and groom by behaving appropriately at their wedding.

Rule #7

Don’t overshine the bride and groom

This is not your day, it’s theirs. And the main goal of the wedding guests is to support the couple, celebrate their love, and share this important day with them. Do all you can to help and make this day less stressful for the bride and groom and don’t try to be the star of the show. You’ll have such an opportunity elsewhere.

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