Wedding guests avaLate spring and summer are busy wedding season, so there’s a big possibility you’ll be invited as a guest to a wedding. This event is very important for any bride and groom, and you have to pay extra care about how you dress for a wedding (even someone else’s), especially if it’s a summer wedding. We’ve prepared a few useful tips about what you should wear as a wedding guest in the heat of the summer. These pieces of advice will be handy for men and women alike and help you show your respect to the newlyweds-to-be.

Tip #1

Never outshine the bride and groom

No matter what the season, wedding location, wedding colors, etc are, try not to stand out from the crowd too much. The bride and groom are the main people at a wedding, and all the guests should look pretty and festive but shouldn’t outshine the newlyweds-to-be. So avoid too bright colors, too catchy patterns, too shiny accessories, and so on. Remember that you’re just a guest, not the main character at this event.

Tip #2

Know dress code

Before getting dressed for the wedding you’re invited to, make sure you know and follow the dress code. Because your attire for a formal wedding, semi-formal wedding, beach wedding, destination wedding, themed wedding is different. Even if the bride and groom didn’t give you a heads up about the dress code, just analyze the wedding location. A formal wedding means you have to wear a dress suit with a tie, a tux, or something like that. For a semi-formal or dress casual wedding, use a dress suit but without a waistcoat and a tie. A destination wedding requires a light and casual outfit, especially because most destination summer weddings are held on tropical islands, near the ocean or sea, on the beach, etc.

Tip #3

Dress according to the weather

Summer is a hot season, so make sure your clothes are not only festive and look good but also feel comfy in, which means light breathable fabrics (silk, lace, cotton, linen, very fine wool for male suits, and similar fabrics). Avoid synthetics and too heavy fabrics, because you’ll feel like hell and possibly also smell like hell after several hours in the sun.

Tip #4

Dress appropriately

You might be tempted to wear something sexy and revealing to someone’s summer wedding because people tend to think about their own personal life at such romantic events. But even if you’d like to find a date at the wedding, avoid too provocative outfits. Remember that you’re just a guest and shouldn’t attract too much attention. Dress prettily but appropriately.

Tip #5

Men can wear undershirt to keep from sweating too much

In hot and humid climates or weather conditions, men might want to wear an undershirt (for example, a tank top or V-neck T-shirt) under the white dress shirt. It will keep some of the sweat off of the shirt and feel more comfortable. The shirt also won’t stick to the body. And don’t worry that the undershirt will be visible – many women consider it sexy.

Another good tip for men is to wear clothing of the right color. During the day, you can choose a light-colored outfit – it will make you cooler than a black suit. But if you sweat a lot, stick with darker attire that will hide the wet spots better.

Tip #6

Use strong deodorant and summer skincare products

Summer is a hard season for those people who sweats a lot, so they have to take extra care with antiperspirants. But even if you’re not one of them, make sure your deodorant is strong enough to cope with the heat. Ideally, carry wet wipes and antiperspirant in your purse to freshen up whenever needed. Also, use skincare products and makeup created specifically for summer. All of this will help you look crisp and tidy at a summer wedding, without any sweat stains, makeup leakages, and other problems.

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