Borrow avaWe already have so many posts dedicated to wedding saving tips but there’s never enough because every couple tries to optimize their wedding budget so that they could afford to spend more on their honeymoon or buy a house sooner rather than later. So, we’ll continue to gather nice saving options and share them with you. And this is one of the best tips – borrowing and renting things instead of buying everything brand new is a very logical and sensible option. And here’s why.

A lot of people don’t rent stuff for their wedding because they’re afraid these things will look used and old. They don’t borrow stuff from their friends’ and relatives’ wedding in fear of guests recognizing things. But experience tells us that wedding guests practically never pay as much attention to recognize things like furniture, décor, cutlery, even bridal shoes)). And in case somebody does find out that you’ve rented or borrowed stuff for your wedding, they most probably won’t care. Usually, you care the most, everybody else just wants to have fun celebrating, eat and drink something tasty, and share your happiest moments with you.

So, when your friend or family member who has had a wedding recently offers to borrow you something for your big day, just take it. Believe us, you’ll save a dime. There are also many communities on the internet where people lend various wedding items, sometimes for free, sometimes for a cheap price. Don’t be shy to contact those couples. No one will know where you got your wedding stuff. Why buy a number of things you’ll use for a day and then get rid of when you can have for free?

If you’re still afraid that your wedding guests can recognize the borrowed stuff, add some changes. You can cover borrowed chairs with canvas in your wedding’s style, pin a borrowed veil with your own hair accessories, combine borrowed cutlery or crockery with new items, and so on. Add just a touch of your personality and no one will think twice about where you’ve got all those pieces.

You can borrow or rent practically anything. Though, some people prefer to have their own wedding dress, jewelry, and shoes. If you’re one of them, fine – borrow other things and you’ll have a bigger budget to buy a new dress. Or if you’re OK with borrowing your wedding dress and accessories, go for it, it’s your right to make these decisions.

What can you borrow?

  • wedding dress;
  • bridal veil;
  • bridal shoes;
  • hair accessory (especially costly ones made from gold and adorned with diamonds, pearls, or gems);
  • purse or clutch;
  • tables and chairs;
  • tablecloths and napkins (but make sure they’re in mint condition);
  • cutlery, crockery, glassware;
  • wedding décor items (vases, pots with flowers, wooden or metal items of interior and exterior, candlesticks, etc);
  • wedding goblets, cake knives;
  • and etc.

As we’ve said earlier, you don’t have to buy brand new stuff for your wedding. If you don’t want to borrow or rent, buy used things or buy on sale. It will cost you less and your guests will have no idea how much you’ve paid for it.

Good luck with your wedding planning! Make well-judged decisions and determine your priorities – it’ll help you get what you want most.

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