wedding aisle avaNo matter where you’re planning to have your wedding ceremony, it’s always nice to embellish the space to make it look festive, romantic, or even grand. It’s up to you what style, decorations, and colors to use, we just thought about giving you a few heads up. How to decorate a church and not overwhelm it with flowers and balloons? What wedding décor to pick for your wedding aisle? Should you choose something classic or be imaginative and creative? Come on, let’s decide together.

Church wedding ceremonies are often more conservative and restrained. Thus, the décor of the wedding aisle should correspond. For example, too many colorful and somewhat silly-looking balloons overwhelming a church wouldn’t be such a good idea. The atmosphere of sophistication and spirituality present in a church will be ruined. Even the light in a church doesn’t fit with bright and tacky décor. Instead, we advise you to choose a more classic wedding décor style, with muted colors, chic flowers, and possibly some vintage décor elements.

Most couples don’t decorate their wedding aisles at a church at all. But elegant flower arrangements at both sides of the altar look great. And they seem just enough, especially in churches that already are richly adorned with frescoes, columns, moldings, etc. You don’t want to add too much to those.


wedding aisle at church wedding ceremony


Great decoration for a wedding aisle is candles. They add romance to the atmosphere, especially if the lights are muted. Candles also work great in a church, obviously. But make sure to place them so that no one can overturn the candles or get their clothes on fire. That’s also why candles aren’t too great for windy outdoor weddings – if you still dream about lights decorating your wedding aisle, you can go for small lanterns because they’re safer. Or use special transparent cases that will protect the candles from going out and your guests from being caught on fire.

Outdoor wedding aisles have much more options for decorating your wedding aisle. It can be bouquets of flowers placed along the aisle, floral garlands, pots of greenery, rows of lanterns, and so on so forth.


How to decorate your wedding aisle


Some wedding aisles are rather narrow and you can’t fit any vases with flowers or other décor elements there, otherwise, the path would be too narrow to comfortably walk down for the bride (and don’t forget about dozens of guests). In this case, we suggest you just throw some flower petals on the floor. You’ll see how the aisle changes instantly. And who doesn’t love tender flower petals? Some couples even make a whole carpet of flower petals, not just a few handfuls. If you desire to be more creative with your petals, you can organize them into patterns on the floor, rather than messily throw them everywhere. But remember that wind might blow them off if you’re having an outdoor wedding.


flower petals to decorate wedding aisle


What else can you do if your wedding aisle is too narrow for decorations? For example, you can put two large flower arrangements at both sides of the aisle at the very beginning, behind the chairs for guests. They will attract attention and create an illusion that the aisle is decorated. But, of course, add some flowers at the altar to finish the look. Otherwise, these two flower arrangements might seem lonely and stand out too much.

And there is another curious option – you can attach the decorative elements to the sides of the chairs at both sides of the aisle. This way, they won’t take too much space and the aisle will look festive. But make sure the décor is not very large and your guests will be comfortable sitting in these chairs.

A nice tip for those couples with a smaller wedding budget is to use greenery. It’s cheaper than flowers but looks just as chic and festive. And greenery is very trendy these days. So, to save some money on the wedding aisle décor, adorn it with potted greenery instead of expensive exotic florals.

If you want to have a wedding arch at the altar, make sure the aisle décor is in the same style as the arch. It will look much more balanced and integral.

And our last tip for you is to analyze the surrounding area of your aisle and try to fit the wedding décor in there. This is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Look where the location is, what trees or bushes surround it, or whether it’s a beach or meadow. Your wedding aisle adornments must fit in. If it’s possible, choose the view in your favor. Think how your wedding photos will look like from the back o the aisle and from the altar back. The wedding décor should stand out a bit from the surrounding area but still sort of fit in.


How to decorate your wedding aisle

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