extravagant wedding ring avaNew fashion trends come and go constantly, and the wedding business has always been a swiftly changing area, but in 2021, life is so unpredictable and strange that we never stop wondering what’s gonna be next. The latest trend in wedding rings is dictated by today’s living conditions – because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people meet in video chats more often than face to face, which means that the face, chest, and hands are usually what we see of another person. Guess what this lifestyle did to the wedding rings trends? It made wedding bands and engagement rings the most important thing for American brides.

So, if you’re planning to pop the question to your honey, make sure your engagement ring is worth showing it off to everybody. And if you’re about to get married, you might want to increase your wedding rings budget.

This may seem shocking to you but a lot of couples this year pay probably the most attention to their wedding bands. Not the dress, not wedding flowers, not the reception… but the wedding photos and wedding rings.

And all this because of Zoom conferences and other video chats where people are able only to see the upper part of a person’s body. Usually, accents are on the face and hands, so everybody sees your jewelry, especially your engagement and wedding band. Because of this fact, so many women are ready to die for a unique or flashy ring.

What engagement bands and wedding rings are the most trendy in 2021? Among them are heirloom rings, rings with huge diamonds, intricately shaped bands, rings with eye-catching gems like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc. Statement rings and inherited vintage rings are a great option for those who always try to be in vogue.

Although, when you’ll be picking your engagement or wedding band, remember that fashion is variable but style is eternal. Too big and flashy rings might become old-fashioned quickly, while vintage bands or rings created with great taste will always look perfect and up to date. Choose wisely and take the personality of your partner into account.

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