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cathedral veil avaSome brides dream about a chic, long, and eye-catching wedding veil. If you’re one of them, a cathedral veil can be it for you. But just imagine how expensive it is! A nice cathedral veil, handmade and beautifully embellished, can cost up to $300 and even more. After spending a few thousand on the wedding dress, reception, photographer, wedding venue, and so on, not every bride can afford a pricey veil as well. But you can save money and still have a pretty chapel veil – we’ll tell you how to make the veil on your own. It’s actually not that hard.

Come on, let’s see how to make a DIY cathedral wedding veil. And don’t worry, you don’t even have to be a seamstress to do it. But if you’re totally not comfortable with sewing and afraid to ruin your veil, try to get help from your friends and family members – surely, there is at least one person who knows the basics of sewing among them.

What do you need?

  • a long piece of tulle
  • good scissors
  • sewing machine (it can be made by hands but will take much more time and effort)
  • decorations for the veil (lace, gems, sequins, glitter, or any other trimmings)
  • combs or pins to attach the veil

First of all, you need to decide how long your veil will be. If your wedding gown has a train, remember that the chapel veil is always longer than the train. The most comfortable and practical length is about 2-3 meters (appr. 6.5-10 feet). But, of course, there are cathedral veils 5 m or 16 feet long. Though, they look rather grand and demand that everything else fit the fanciness of the veil.

Then, buy the needed length of simple tulle. There is a great assortment of tulle available today, so you can choose the preferable color and texture. Also, you can either buy a simple tulle, without any adornments, and add your own decorations or purchase already embellished tulle (with patterns, embroidery, glitter, etc). It depends on your budget.

The next step is to add the needed shape to your veil. The piece of purchased fabric will be rectangular and you need the rounded edge for the veil. So, you can draw a rounded line on the cloth and cut the excess fabric off. There’s a seamstress’s trick – fold the fabric in half lengthwise and then cut. It will make the cut symmetrical.


cathedral veil


When the shape of your future cathedral veil is right, finish the edge to make it neat. The sewing machine has a special trimming stitch for that.

The top part of the veil should be gathered to clip it to the bride’s head. The gathering can be made by hand or with the help of sewing machine.

And the last touches are to add decorations and hair combs. As we’ve mentioned, you are free to add any embellishments you want (lace, embroidery, crystals, glitter, and so on), but be sure that they complement your wedding dress in style. The bridal veil is just an accessory, it shouldn’t overwhelm the dress and the whole attire. It is always better to stick to fewer decorations than overstuff the veil.

Of course, the cathedral veil needs some really good clasps to attach it to the bride’s head. This type of veil is long, a bit heavier than a short one would be, and often get hooked on furniture, other people’s clothing, tree branches, etc. So you need to reliably attach it to the hair. Tiny snap combs are very handy in this case. Also, you can use bobby pins and various other hair accessories. It won’t really be a problem to find the items you’ll like and consider comfy.

And so, voila! You have a perfect cathedral veil that matches your wedding gown and costs less than $50. But the best thing is, you will love this veil because you made it yourself and it expresses your personality.

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