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bridal crown avaA lot of brides would like to change a time or two during their wedding. It’s boring and kind of weird to look the same at the church, wedding reception, and wedding night party, don’t you think? Some brides have 2-3 various wedding dresses and switch between them, but it is rather expensive because even a single wedding gown can be way too pricey for some couples, not to mention several outfits. Though, there is a special trick that will help you look different in the same dress. Try to guess what it is!

You are right! It is accessorizing. You can stay in the same wedding gown but change a few accessories and voila – you look totally different.

So, what accessories can you use? Let’s see.

Tip #1

Various jewelry. Jewels can change the look a lot. You can, for instance, wear several flashy jewelry pieces while walking down the aisle – a tiara, a sparkly necklace, or chandelier earrings. But then, exchange them for smaller earrings and a choker for the wedding reception because you’ll have to dance and these items are much comfier during dancing.

You can have jewelry with different stones and use the difference in color to change your look. Like diamonds (or zirconia) for the official part and some bright sapphires, rubies, or emeralds (or their substitutes) for the party. You’ll be surprised as to how different your outfit will look.

Tip #2

Wedding veil. This item always adds the atmosphere of sophistication and class, especially if we’re talking about the cathedral veil. So, you can use it to alter your appearance at the wedding. You can have a bridal veil for the ceremony and then take it off and leave only some hair jewelry for the reception. Also, a long veil gets in the way when you’re dancing, so it’s much better to remove it after the official part.

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Tip #3

Alter the wedding dress itself. For example, you can order your dress to have removable straps. The dress would look all modest and a great fit for the blushing bride but will become sexy and modern-looking when you take off the straps for the wedding party.

In a similar fashion, you can have the long skirt of your dress be removable so that the gown transforms into a short and comfy attire, made for dancing and partying.

Some brides love pantsuits and are willing to change into one for the wedding reception. But if you want to save the budget a bit, make you dress a two-piece garment (a lot of women sew their dresses for the wedding rather than buy a ready-made one) and switch the skirt for pants when the official part of the ceremony is over. The upper part of the gown can be a corseted one or some elegant top that will pair with the pants perfectly.

Tip #4

Use jackets, boleros, and capes. They can alter your appearance greatly and add some modesty to even a very open dress. You can wear such clothing articles at the church and then take them off and demonstrate your sexy open-back or low-neckline dress at the party. But even if you don’t have a religious ceremony, jackets and capes add some chic to the outfit, though they need to match the dress perfectly.

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