Ghana wedding avaGhanaian weddings are often grand and opulent, especially thanks to extraordinary bridal attire that simply can’t be missed. But wedding outfits are not the only interesting and unique thing about weddings in Ghana. The local wedding rituals are also worth our attention – funny engagement negotiations, presenting the wedding gifts and dowry, fake brides ritual, and many more. Let’s take a closer look at Ghanaian wedding rituals below.

Funny bantering during engagement

Curious wedding rituals in Ghana appear long before the wedding ceremony. When the couple is only getting officially engaged, their families negotiate in a rather humorous manner. The two clans get together, each has a spokesman – the eldest and most respected relative, and a funny bantering between the spokesmen begins. Everybody has fun and no offensive comments should be shared. As the result of these cheerful negotiations, the groom’s spokesman asks for the bride’s hand in marriage and the engagement is sealed.

Wedding gifts and dowry

The next traditional wedding rituals are connected to presents and bridal dowry. The bride’s family gets a number of gifts from the groom’s relatives, especially her parents and siblings. These presents may be simpler and symbolic or rather costly – it depends on the groom’s financial capabilities and desire to establish good relationships with his in-laws.


Traditional wedding rituals in Ghana
Ghanaian wedding attire is usually made from African kente cloth


The bride also receives her wedding gifts, usually listed in her wedding registry beforehand. Among other things, there are various household items, kitchen utensils, clothes, blankets, jewelry, etc. A lot of the presents are practical and useful things, not just lovely jewels and fancy clothing. Because the new family will use them during their life together. This bride’s dowry is put into a decorative chest that is delivered to the newlyweds’ place after the wedding ceremony.

Fake brides

Another funny wedding ritual performed in Ghana is called the fake brides ritual. A row of women with their heads covered are invited to the wedding hall and the groom has to find his bride among them. This ritual is supposed to show if the groom knows his bride well enough to recognize her among many other females. This wedding activity is also half joking, so the man and his family easily find the right woman.

Three I do’s

There is a tradition to ask a Ghanaian bride 3 times if she agrees to marry her groom. Three times she has to give her consent to this marriage. It is done to ensure that she isn’t forced into marriage and is sure she wants to be wed to this man. After these 3 yeses in front of witnesses, the bride is presented to the groom’s family as his wife.


Traditional wedding dress in Ghana

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