Wedding cake avaThis year has brought us some really interesting and unique wedding trends. Particularly, we see new tendencies in wedding décor, wedding meals, wedding cakes, and wedding gifts. So, if you’re planning a wedding in 2022 – the beginning of 2023, this post might be of use for you. Wedding trends sometimes change fast, and you need to constantly follow these changes to stay up to date. Here’s what’s new in the wedding business.

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Acrylic wedding décor

This material is universal and is easily combined with any other décor in any style. You can have acrylic chairs at your wedding reception, acrylic wedding invitations and sings, etc. Also, it is a durable material, which is good, especially for spring and fall weddings when there can be rain. No amount of rain, snow, or hot sun will ruin your acrylic items. But remember that it’s plastic, so it’s not really eco-friendly. Nonetheless, acrylic is the vogue this year.

Greenery instead of flowers

This trend is great because it’s budget-friendly and beautiful. It adds a pure and natural look to the venue, greenery calms the eye and makes everybody feel more at ease. You can use potted plants, green vines, hanging installations of greenery, garlands – the number of options is huge.

Food trucks

The trend of having a food truck or several different food trucks catering your wedding is not new. Although the popularity of this wedding catering style still holds, it’s is not going anywhere anytime soon. Besides, it’s a comparatively cheap way to feed your guests. Even if you’re not comfortable with skipping a plated dinner, you can, for example, have a food truck for dessert.

Smaller but intricate wedding cakes

In 2020 and 2021, many couples chose wedding dessert tables instead of one big wedding cake. This year, this trend is changing somewhat, but we’re not going back to those huge many-tiered cakes that used to be popular. Instead, pick a smaller but more elaborate wedding cake. Focus more on details than the size. And as 2022 is characterized by bright colors and catchy décor, wedding cakes will also be colorful, with different textures and embellishments, they will look stunning and impressive.


More 2022 wedding trends


And another curious trend in wedding cakes in 2022 is unique cake flavors. The usual chocolate cakes or lemon-flavor cakes are in the past. Today, couples choose various extraordinary combinations of flavors, like lavender-prosecco or salted caramel-exotic fruit-coffee or anything you can come up with, that is unusual and new. But make sure you don’t weird out your guests with an inedible flavor.

Midnight snacks for wedding guests

If you plan to party until after midnight celebrating your wedding, think about feeding your guests one more time after the wedding dinner. It doesn’t have to be something fancy and expensive, just some snacks – small burgers, bite-size snacks, cupcakes, fruits, etc. Offer these little things so that your wedding guests could replenish their energy levels for more dancing. The snacks can be served at 10-12 p.m.

Cash wedding registry and donation registry

This trend is also wonderful and very up-to-date. Many couples ask their wedding guests to use a cash wedding gift registry or a donation registry instead of buying wedding presents. It’s a lot easier than to rack your brain in search of a perfect wedding gift. Often, we have no idea what the bride and groom want or need, and cash is always needed, so don’t be shy to use those registries. This money might help the couple pay for their wedding or buy a car or make a mortgage payment. Or if they have everything they need and want to do some charity, they may offer you to use a donation registry and let the money go to where it’s needed. Such registries are a great idea.

Related post: New wedding trends 2022. Bright colors, statement makeup, vintage jewelry

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