Toilet set avaWhen your wedding ceremony, reception, and even first wedding night are over, a new page of your life together as a couple begins. And what better way to show your honey how much you love her or him than to exchange small meaningful gifts the morning after your first wedding night? It can be jewelry, something DIYed specifically for this occasion, a personalized item of some kind, or anything your loved one might be happy to get. Although, you’d be surprised to find out what morning gifts 18th-century aristocrats gave to their brides.

Photos are from The Met Museum in New York

This extraordinary portable toilet set is one of such gifts European high-ranking aristocrats presented to their new wives after the first wedding night in the 18th century. Similar sets contained a variety of toiletries a lady kept on her dressing table and used for beauty procedures (a mirror, hairbrushes, a powder brush, different bowls for washing and skincare, makeup containers, bottles for perfumes, a soap box, and many more items).


most unusual 18th-century morning gift after the wedding night


Usually, there were also candlesticks included that could be put on the dressing table to give additional light to illuminate the face in the dark evenings and mornings.

By the way, there were similar toilet sets for men, too. They contained hairbrushes, toiletries for washing and shaving, weird tools like a tongue-scraper, and so on.

This particular set was produced around 1743-45 in Germany. It is exquisite. Every item practically screams nobility. And every piece included serves an important purpose in courtly etiquette. Even a set of dishes for breakfast a woman would have in her private chamber.


most unusual 18th-century morning gift after the wedding night
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But most often, high-class and royal ladies used these toiletries when preparing for a ball or a formal meal. A woman had to look her best on such occasions, so plenty of beauty procedures had to be done. Some of them she did by herself and for others, she used servants. Sort of like we do today when we hire a makeup artist and a hairstylist.

Of course, a toilet set like this is an old-fashion thing and no one would make such a wedding gift to his new wife, but in 2022, vintage stuff is very trendy and a lot of couples will look for charming and unique wedding presents for their loved ones, so maybe this set will inspire you for your own idea of a morning gift after the first wedding night. For example, a modern shaving set for a husband or makeup station for a wife.


most unusual 18th-century morning gift after the wedding night

most unusual 18th-century morning gift after the wedding night

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