Peonies avaWedding flower trends don’t usually change too quickly. There are some staple, classic types of florals that are used at weddings for years, decades, centuries. Other flowers come and go, appearing in wedding décor only for short periods of time. If you’re planning your wedding for the year 2022, you should know what flowers will be the most trendy and which of them can better endure the wedding day conditions so that you could make an educated decision as to what florals to pick for your big day.


These flowers are among the classic choices for a wedding, whether it’s a bridal bouquet, or wedding décor, or bridesmaids’ bouquets. Daisies, feverfew, tanacetum, and other florals of this family are affordable seasonal flowers, they look good both as a single type flower bouquet or mixed with other florals. So, they’re a great choice for a summer 2022 wedding. Daisies look pure, delicate, feminine, and very bride-like.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding



Peonies are a perfect and extremely popular choice for a spring wedding. They look gorgeous – large, lush, and full of tender petals. These florals are great for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, and outdoor wedding décor. For years, brides have been choosing peonies for their weddings, and this trend will go on in 2022. These are seasonal flowers and rather affordable in late spring; you can get them out of season as well, but it will cost you more.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding


Calla lilies

This flower is so very trendy today. Brides love calla lilies at their modern chic weddings. Calla lilies can be not only pure white but also pink, purple, orange, lavender, dark maroon, etc. These flowers are large and catchy, so even a single calla lily is often used as an accent piece in wedding decor. But they are also rather fragile and whimmy, so they have to be really fresh (delivered no more than 2-3 days before the wedding).


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding



Hydrangea flowers look wonderful as the wedding florals, no matter where you put them. They are used at the most fancy and high-class weddings. But this flower is also affordable for ordinary couples, even with a small wedding budget, because hydrangeas are available all year round. They come in a variety of colors and shades, so you can easily pick just the right color for your event.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding



This tender exotic flower is a staple in many weddings. Orchids look sophisticated, tender, elegant, and attractive. They also come in a wide variety of colors, so any bride, even the most capricious, will be satisfied. Orchids can be often seen in bridal bouquets, wedding table centerpieces, wedding décor installations, bridesmaid’s bouquets, groom’s boutonnieres – anywhere you can think of.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding


Baby's breath

These florals are unique because they come in a cloud of tiny flowers, like a whirlwind of snowflakes (if they’re white) or tiny specks of color (if they’re pink, blue, red, purple, etc). Lately, the baby's breath flowers gained popularity among wedding florists and are now used both mixed with other florals or for a single type flower compositions. They give the volume and delicate vibe to any wedding bouquet.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding



This flower can be called exotic because it occurs not very often at American or European weddings, but you can frequently find it at an island or elopement wedding. Jasmine is popular in India, Hawaii, and different other romantic places around the world. These sophisticated white flowers are sometimes used as hair adornments for the bride. The biggest advantage of jasmine is its delicious fragrance, although if you don’t like the scent, go for another wedding florals, because jasmine’s fragrance is strong.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding



A lot of people consider roses boring and commonplace, but this classic wedding flower never really goes out of fashion. Roses are perfect for weddings, as they’re durable, beautiful, fragrant, and you can find them in all possible colors and shades. Roses are probably the most common wedding flowers around the world. If roses are not enough for you, combine them with other florals (they mix perfectly with practically any flower) or use rose petals.


Best wedding flowers for 2022 wedding

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