wedding dance avaYour first wedding dance is a wonderful experience. You will remember it to the end of your days. So, make it count. Picking the right music for this special dance is extremely important. First of all, choose the genre you and your honey like, no matter what other people think or whether your relatives approve. Then, prepare the first wedding dance, practice, don’t rely fully on improvisation. And lastly, just feel the music, enjoy the moment, and have the best time with your beloved new husband or wife.

Here are the top-10 glorious first wedding dance songs for you. The styles and genres are different, some are slow and sensuous, others extravagant and passionate, but all of them are charming and beautiful. Maybe you’ll choose one of them for your wedding.

Can’t take my eyes off you

by Joseph Vincent

There are many different cover versions and remixes, so you can choose whatever style you like. For example, this romantic version by Joseph Vincent.




La Vie En Rose
by Daniela Andrada or any other singer you personally prefer

We offer the version by Daniela Andrada – it’s sweat, sensual, charming, and sounds pretty modern.




You are the reason
by Calum Scott

Very melodic and romantic song, perfect for a first wedding dance. The lyrics is so touching!




A Thousand Years
by Christina Perri

Beautiful music for beautiful and happy couples. This romantic song touches the strings of your heart.




Wherever You Will Go
by The Calling

Those couples who love rock music and want to add a little bit of spice to your romantic first wedding dance song might like this tune. It’s beautiful, buoyant, and passionate.




Dance me to the end of love
by Leonard Cohen

His wonderful voice takes you to the highest places. The lyrics is beautiful – even the name of the song is the very epitome of romance. And the music is melodic and romantic. It can be a perfect classic choice of a wedding dance song.




Ti Amo
by Umberto Tozzi & Monica Bellucci

It’s so romantic and sensual but not boring, not monotonous.




Bailando (Spanish Version)
by Enrique Iglesias

This hot Latino song is passionate and cheerful. It will suit couples who want a bit more fire to their first wedding dance. And this music allows to move more vigorously.




The End

This song is a rather unusual choice for the first wedding dance, but it’s charming, with nice lyrics, and beautiful contemporary sound. It will suit young couples more than mature couples.




Dance With Me
by Nouvelle Vague

The melody of this song is curious – saucy, extravagant, and cheerful. It can be the perfect first wedding dance music for a retro wedding or for people who love lounge music. Definitely a good option to choose if you’re looking for a lively song instead of a slow romantic music.


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