Wedding soon avaWhen it’s 1-4 weeks until your wedding day, it’s time to do all the last minute prep and make sure you’re ready for the big day. Here are the most important last minute tips that will help you prepare and gain confidence. Of course, some of the points in this list might already be covered by you and your bridal party, so skip them and check the next tip. This is just a quick way for the bride and groom-to-be to find out if they’re ready for their wedding day.

Tip #1

Wedding attire

You need to wear the full set of your wedding attire and make sure everything fits and feels comfy, that you have all the items, and everything matches. Do this no later than 1-2 weeks before the wedding day. Dress the way you will be on day X and spend some time like this – if something feels wrong, you still have time to fix it. Wear your wedding shoes and walk around the house in them for a few hours. Put on your wedding underwear with the dress and make sure everything’s fine – very often, brides find out on their wedding day that their panties or spanks peek from under the gown or the straps of a bra are visible or the dress is too sheer for the underwear they chose, etc. Any of these mistakes will be too late to fix on the day of the wedding, so do it beforehand.

Tip #2

Confirm arrangements

Make sure to confirm your arrangements with the wedding vendors.

Confirm your wedding timeline for the last time and make sure you’ve sent it to all the people who need to have your wedding schedule.

Check the arrival time of your vendors and guests (see if their arrival won’t interrupt anything, like the wedding ceremony or someone’s speech or meal).

If your wedding is big (over 50 people), you need a dj or someone who’s going to organize people, preferably with a microphone. So, check if the equipment is arranged for and if this person knows your timeline and has your instructions. Also, there are such details as whether your mics are cordless or can be attached to the lapel, who is handling them, and so on. Usually, your dj organizes this, so maybe check with him or her.

Tip #3

Do the final check of wedding guest list

This is the time to confirm your final wedding guest list. If someone still didn’t answer your invitation (oral, online, or mailed), contact them and ask for their decision. Because your caterer needs this info to prepare the meals, your venue manager needs this info to set the place, and your transportation service needs this info to book the right number of cars and seats, etc. Everything at a wedding, including your budget, depends on the guest list.

Tip #4

Arrange marriage certificate and license

The marriage papers and laws are different in different countries and even regions, so make sure your marriage certificate and license – or whatever you have in your area – are ready. Some couples sign the papers at their wedding ceremony, others go to court before the wedding – your options might be different. But basically, it doesn’t matter what option you choose. Just check the necessary documentation and make sure your signed papers get to the authorities in time. Typically, it’s done by the officiant.

Tip #5


This is one of the most commonly forgotten things on the wedding day. Consider how you and the rest of the guests will get to the wedding locations. Couples just assume that their guests will come to the wedding in their vehicles and will be ready to drive to the secondary locations throughout the day. Remember that most weddings don’t happen in just a single location, we usually need to get from home to the place where the ceremony is held, then some couples go somewhere else for the photos, the reception is held in another location absolutely, and etc.

You need to arrange the transportation for all the people you invite. And one more thing, don’t just make your guests drive themselves everywhere – they might want to have a drink and party instead of being your driver for the day. You can either hire a special service to transport you or make arrangements beforehand with some of your guests. If someone has a van and agrees to drive some of the guests – great, but don’t just assume they’ll do it, ask politely and be ready for a refusal.

Important thing! Think about how your wedding guests will be getting home after the wedding. If you don’t arrange for some transportation for them, let them know in advance that they’ll have to get a taxi or ask someone to drive them home. This is especially actual if your wedding is held in a secluded location far from civilization.

Tip #6

Create checklists of things

People with lists are always more organized)). Use it. Make checklists of different things – what to take to the wedding venue, what items to rent, what to put where at your wedding location, what people are responsible for what tasks, and so on. Such lists are useful for you, your wedding planner, and your family and friends who are going to help you on your wedding day.

Tip #7

Kits, bags, suitcases

Prepare in advance the stuff you’ll need during your wedding day, night, honeymoon, etc.

Your wedding day bag must include the things you might need during this important day so that you had them close by. Like extra underwear, second set of wedding clothing (if you plan to change), some makeup, deodorant, maybe some snacks and water, your emergency kit, and various other items you think can be useful. Don’t be afraid to bring the things that will never be used, it’s fine, much better than not being able to get them.

Wedding emergency kit is a very important thing any bride should have. It can be extremely useful.

Wedding night bag is especially important for those couples who spend their first wedding night in a hotel or at their wedding location (some couples book a castle, B&B, bungalow, or resort). Everything you need for the night goes in this bag – your sexy night clothes, underwear, makeup remover and skincare products, toothbrush and paste, etc.

If you plan to leave for your honeymoon right after the wedding or the next morning, prepare your honeymoon suitcase and don’t forget to take it with you to the wedding so that you didn’t have to go back home to get it.

Just leave all these bags and suitcases in the trunk of your car or in your room to have easy access to the stuff.

Tip # 8

Do your wedding payments

Cover all your money arrangements with the venue and vendors before your wedding day. You won’t want to deal with money on your special day. Also, think about those vendors who can charge you only at the end of the night when the bill is completed – have your checkbook or credit card with you so that you can just pay your bill and be done with it. You might want to delegate this responsibility to someone from your wedding party and not think about money at all during your wedding day.

Deal with the tips for vendors as well. Arrange them in envelopes and sign them, choose a person responsible for the tips, and give him or her these envelopes.

Tip #9

Have some time for yourself

The last couple of days before the wedding, you should rest and save your emotions. Try not to stress over the future event. Do whatever makes you feel safe, happy, and calm. If your budget allows you, pay a visit to a spa. Or spend some time with your family or friends. Whatever.

And also, make sure you eat well (but not overeat), stay hydrated, sleep enough, take good care of your skin and body. Remember, your makeup artist, however good she is, isn’t a magician. She works with what you have, and your skin is very much affected by your stress level, hydration level, and everything mentioned earlier.

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