British royal weddings avaThousands of girls around the world dream about marrying a prince, almost as many guys wish to get a princess as a wife. But in real life, is it something worth dreaming about? British Queen Victoria tried to marry her children and grandchildren to monarchs across Europe because she wanted to make as many alliances as she could. She even got the title “grandmother of Europe”. But what did the royal offspring get from such marriages? Did they manage to keep the throne obtained by marriage? And was it a win for Europe in general?

Heather avaThe Scottish culture is extraordinary. It differs from most other folk cultures around the world. The kilt and tartan fabric is just a tiny part of unique local traditions. But what about the traditional wedding in Scotland? Is it also unique and worth attending? Actually, there are many curious Scottish wedding traditions that people still follow through even these days. Let’s find out which ones.

Couple avaEvery country has its own wedding traditions. Some of them are unique and curious, others are trivial. Still, it’s sometimes useful to learn the wedding customs of the overseas countries because they can diversify your own wedding and entertain the guests. There a few German wedding customs that are fun, unusual, and even silly. Let’s find out what they are.

Polish wedding avaPoland has plenty of unique and curious wedding traditions and wedding superstitions. People in this country are very superstitious. But they really know a thing about celebrations! A Polish wedding can last 3-4 days, and all this time people eat, dance, drink, toast, and play games. Though, the feast is intertwined with old traditional rituals, which makes the whole wedding party more cheerful, meaningful, and important.

British African wedding avaThe British-African couple Evonne and Sean wanted their wedding to be a fusion of both their cultures: British and Sierra Leonean. So they combined their wedding traditions and tried new roles for each of them. It’s hard to find two countries more different in temperament: where British people are conservative, restrained, and pedantic, Sierra Leoneans are open-hearted, cheerful, and easygoing. How could these bride and groom make such a wedding work?!

Marry meEvery country has its own wedding traditions. Some of them are passed through the centuries, others are fresh and modern. Today, we’ll talk about the traditional British wedding. This subject is huge. There's so much information that we could give you, but first, let’s have a general overview of the British wedding. The wedding traditions mentioned in this article are used in the UK in modern days. So, let’s see how do Brits celebrate their big day.

Ukrainian groom avaIn Ukraine in the 18th – the beginning of the 20th century, the wedding clothing was very pompous and festive. People didn’t use white wedding dresses and strict male dress suits. Instead, they wore the traditional outfit decorated with embroidery, weaving, braiding, stamping, etc. The folk crafts played a great role in people’s lives. As every wedding outfit was handmade and well thought out, it was absolutely unique – there was a typical style for the region, but every groom’s or bride’s costume was unrepeatable.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle WeddingThe Royal Palace holds a final briefing before this Wedding.
The last two weeks leading to a wedding can be a really busy time for the bride and groom. Of course, Prince Harry and Megan Markle have a whole royal professional team to help them with this.
This morning this team was announcing new details about their wedding in a fairy tale. Just 15 days before Prince Harry and Meghi. Today, this team is announcing new details about their fabulous wedding. Just 15 days before Prince Harry and Megan Markle will say what I'm doing, in less than an hour we will learn the final details from Royal Wedding Planners.

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