Armenian wedding dress avaArmenian traditions dictate that a bride must be modest, virtuous, and shy, but womanly. And her wedding gown screams “chastity and femininity” at the same time. That’s why traditionally Armenian bridal dress had a tight-fitting upper part and floor-length bottom part. And, of course, the gown totally covered the woman’s body, only the neck and palms were left bare. No decolletage or bare back, no transparent fabrics, no mini skirts, no high slit dresses, and so on. Armenian folk wedding dress is a perfect example of how a bride can look virtuous and sexy all at once.

Gorgeous2 avaThe local brides and grooms in Ukraine wore beautiful folk costumes for their wedding 100 years ago. The wedding dress used to be colorful, multilayered, and richly decorated. Among the most important accessories, were ornate jewels and bridal wreaths. Here is a great collection of Ukrainian authentic wedding outfits and modern bride’s wreaths and necklaces. These costumes look striking and stand out from the crowd. And by the way, a lot of Ukrainian brides today return to traditions and use folk wedding clothing on their happy day.

Scottish avaScotland is one of those countries that value their traditions deeply, including wedding traditions. It is still vogue in Scotland to get married in kilts, dance folk cèilidh dances, choose centuries-old estate as a wedding venue, honor various good luck traditions and superstitions, etc. So, let’s find out a bit about the traditional Scottish wedding held in the 21st century. How do they reach a perfect balance mixing old-world and contemporary stuff?

Wed wreath avaOne of Ukrainian old wedding traditions is for the bride to wear a wedding wreath. Actually, a white wedding wreath made from wax beads was introduces into worldwide fashion by Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century in the UK. But in Ukraine, it was a part of the bridal outfit long before that. And the local brides wore not only delicate, pure white wreaths but large, brightly colored ones as well. Today, this tradition is not so popular and brides often choose white veils, hats, or other intricate headgear for their wedding, but wreaths made from fresh or artificial flowers are still used by a lot of women.

Bridal rushnyk avaBeautiful embroidered wedding towels are still used by Ukrainian couples on their big day. Though, these days, only 1 rushnyk mostly appears during the ceremony, while in old times, dozens of such ornate towels were used. There is even a curious and funny wedding superstition regarding the traditional rushnyk. It seems Ukrainians really love their tradition of needlework, and so they buy or make embroidered towels for the wedding even in the 21st century.

Royal bride avaRoyals, especially royal women, often are the fashion icons for millions of people. And a royal bridal gown must be outstanding and meaningful. Every element of the wedding dress is meticulously thought-out and concerted with tradition, rules, and fashion laws. But still, the royal brides have a certain freedom of choice as to what to wear on their big day. Some of these choices are great, others not as fortunate. So, let's take a look back at all the recent British regal wedding gowns, starting with the worst and working our way back up to the best.

Gypsy bride avaThe gypsy brides are known for their lavish and over-the-top weddings. And their bridal gowns are particularly unusual. Would you want a wedding dress made from flowers, yards and yards of ruffles, embellished with a Christmas tree topper, or one that weighs more than you do? All this and much more you can see on a gypsy wedding, where parents wish to spend thousands on their daughters’ happy day. Here are 20 most opulent and costly bridal gowns and wedding trends from the TV show “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings”.

Royal wedding avaThe royal wedding is always about strict rules, subordination, and traditional rituals. Plenty of people dream about being a prince or princess, but is it really so cool when you almost don’t have a say in how your wedding ceremony goes, what you got to wear, and whom you invite to your big day? Let’s see how a traditional British royal wedding is planned and performed. For ordinary people in The United Kingdom, it is the greatest excuse to celebrate, drink, and have fun. What about the royals and the bride and groom?

VA Museum avaSome museums of clothing around the world have different wedding dresses in their exhibitions. Many of these wedding gowns are real masterpieces. For instance, here are several dresses displayed at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London. We’ll see a few wedding outfits from 1775-1899, though, this museum exhibits many more gowns from other periods. We might have chosen the most outstanding and strikingly beautiful wedding dresses from the 18th-19th centuries.

Samary avaUkrainian traditional weddings used to be opulent, symbolic, and memorable. It was a show, every part of which had a deep meaning. And so-called matchmakers were vivid and eye-catching figures during such a wedding ceremony. Here we’re showing you an example of the matchmaker’s folk costume, with all due elements and decorations. And now, imagine 30 young girls in identical outfits, making pranks and entertaining guests at your wedding. That’s what the matchmakers traditionally did – they had almost nothing to do with actual matchmaking, by the way.