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Wed wreath avaOne of Ukrainian old wedding traditions is for the bride to wear a wedding wreath. Actually, a white wedding wreath made from wax beads was introduces into worldwide fashion by Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century in the UK. But in Ukraine, it was a part of the bridal outfit long before that. And the local brides wore not only delicate, pure white wreaths but large, brightly colored ones as well. Today, this tradition is not so popular and brides often choose white veils, hats, or other intricate headgear for their wedding, but wreaths made from fresh or artificial flowers are still used by a lot of women.

And as we’ve mentioned in the articles about wedding trends 2019 (Top-15 wedding trends for 2019. Hair bouquets, food performances, and hexagonal rings and World best wedding planners about wedding trends 2019-2020), hair bouquets and floral head adornments are very popular this season. So, we’ve picked for you a few photos of such headdresses used in Ukraine.

Bridal wreaths showed here were on display on the Wedding Ukraine exhibition (Viktor Yushchenko Museum of Ukrainian heritage, Kyiv outlet village “Manufactura”)

Three modern wedding wreaths made from artificial flowers and leaves, glass and wax beads, natural cord, etc. These are eco-friendly items

Wed wreath1

Wed wreath2

Wed wreath3



Colorful but delicate modern bridal wreaths made from artificial flowers, glass and wax beads, sparkly beads, and ribbons

Wed wreath4



Gorgeous large wedding wreath made from artificial flowers, yarn pom-pons, wax beads, and ribbons. It is also a modern headwear

Wed wreath5

Wed wreath6



Beautiful bridal wreath in white-burgundy color palette. It is made from white wax beads, artificial flowers (that provide bright color splashes), and ribbons. It is a modern wreath, though very similar headdresses women used 100-200 years ago

Wed wreath7



Modern colorful bridal wreaths with long ribbons. They are also made from artificial flowers and glass and wax beads

Wed wreath11

Wed wreath12

Wed wreath13



Authentic wedding wreath from Poltava region (Central Ukraine), the early 20th century. It was also made from white wax beads and artificial flowers but, with time, it got this beige shade

Wed wreath8



Vintage bridal wreath and groom’s buttonhole (at the bottom) from Cherkasy region (Central Ukraine), the late 19th – early 20th century. The items are made from white wax beads and artificial flowers as well. The color darkened over the last 100 years

Wed wreath9



Two authentic wedding wreaths of different designs. The top one is from Vinnytsia region (Western-Central Ukraine), the early 20th century. The wax beads and artificial flowers are situated more compactly; there used to be several fresh herbs that are now dried. The bottom one is from Chernihiv region (northern Ukraine), the mid-20th century. It has long vines that went onto the bride’s shoulders and chest; this wreath is a bit springy and the beads would shake and niddle-noddle when the bride moves

Wed wreath10

Wed wreath14

Wed wreath15



Modern colorful wedding wreaths with long ribbons. They are made from artificial flowers and wax beads. The color palette is gorgeous




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