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Hair bouquet avaWedding trends… They change so swiftly and sometimes so dramatically that it’s a real headache for some brides to organize their perfect chic wedding and stay voguish. But we’re here for you. Let us present you the top-15 wedding trends for 2019 that you are definitely going to want to keep your eye out for and probably to incorporate into your wedding. Remember that you only have your wedding once – that’s if you’re lucky – so you deserve only the best for this special day.

Headpieces that are not veils

Various head and hair accessories are fashionable again. You can see turbans, headbands, bandanas, floral pins and adornments, and different other headpieces instead of a traditional bridal veil.

Hexagonal engagement rings

This shape has an heirloom feel. In Europe, such rings were in trend in the 18th century.

Vibrant purple and turquoise in wedding décor

The most trendy wedding colors of this season are purple and turquoise. They are seen everywhere – in décor, floral compositions, bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns, beverages, food, and so on.

The dahlia

These flowers are a great choice for 2019 wedding. And as they are seasonal in late summer and fall, it is also a budget-saving flower.

Woodsy and natural

Natural and eco-friendly weddings are the vogue right now. A lot of wedding ceremonies and parties are organized outdoors and decorated with as many eco materials as possible.

No cell phones

These days, many people try to withdraw the gadgets a little from their social life. So, you might see signboards saying “No pictures during the ceremony” or “Please turn off cameras and cell phones during the ceremony”. Of course, at a wedding party, you are to use your camera as you like and make hundreds of good snaps to remember the celebration later. But during the ceremony, all the attention of wedding guests should be on the bride and groom.

Interactive and fun-food set up

Everything to surprise and impress the guests. There are doughnut and lollipop stands, food performances and shows, food masterclasses, flair bartending, etc. Any unusual and funny idea about food & drinks is welcome in 2019.

Mix & match suits

Grooms this season are wearing classic suits with a pop of color or floral accessory. Such a mix of classic and flirty styles are in trend. For instance, a tie or a wedding buttonhole made in unexpected color scheme and materials.

Colored wedding dresses

A snow-white bridal gown is a naysay if you’re a fashionista. Well, of course, it’s your wedding and your choice to wear anything you like for your happy day, but in 2019, the wedding dress in any other color is highly advised.

Structured lines

If to talk about the silhouette of a wedding dress, strict and structured lines are typical for this season. Simple dress designs, with minimum of embellishments, are the best choice.

Metallic pops

Wedding gowns in 2019 often have metallic elements – embroidery with metallic thread, metallic beads and sequins, etc. And, sure enough, the metallic color palette is perfect.

Metallic makeup

Of course, if you’re wearing a metallic-colored bridal gown, your makeup should match it. So, various metallic eyeshadows and lipsticks are trendy.

Pant suits

For those who are not afraid of breaking the rules and experimenting, pant suits as a bridal attire can be worn. Most of women want a princess-style wedding dress for the ceremony, but if you’re not one of them, wear an elegant pant suit. Or you could change for the wedding party into one.

The cape

Various capes and mantles – floor-length or short, colorful or transparent, of a simple design or ornate – are very much in trend today. Add one to your wedding dress to feel like a queen.

Hair bouquets

It is very fashionable these days to make a wedding hairstyle with lots of flowers, especially fresh flowers. Some brides even choose rather high and opulent floral compositions, not just a few delicate buds.

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