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wedding gift avaThe latest trend in wedding gifts is handmade or DIY presents, different personalized and creative stuff. There are literally thousands of such gifts on the internet and at local markets around the world. But how to choose the best piece? How to make it unforgettable and heart-melting for the bride and groom? How to spend little money but get a perfect present that will look expensive? We will answer these questions for you and help you find the best wedding gift idea ever.

It is always hard to choose a nice wedding gift. In the past, there was a tradition for the future bride and groom to make a list of what they want and let their guests know what to buy. Though, these days, no one does that anymore. A new trend is to present the newlyweds with a very creative and very personalized gift. But it can be a really hard task to find such presents.

Here is a cute wedding gift idea for you – felted cushions and poufs that look just like river stones

Felted cushion3

And by the way, they are handmade and eco-friendly. But the best thing about it is their price – from only $28.

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Of course, if you’re a skilled person in crafts and DIY, to make a wedding present is not a problem for you. But what to do if you’re not in DIY culture or not that confident in your skill? Lucky for you, there is a great market of marvelous handmade wedding gifts or even presents made individually for a certain couple. You can order some trinket or décor item and inscribe the names of the bride and groom on it – believe me, it would be the best present for any couple, the most valuable present. Because they will be able to remember the happy day of their wedding even years after.

What to inscribe?

  • Names of the couple
  • Wedding date
  • Last name of the new family (Mr. and Mrs. Smith or something like that)
  • Nicknames of the bride and groom, pet names (if you’re close enough to know such things)
  • Romantic words and phrases (e.g. together forever, happily ever after, love, romance)
  • Your personal best wishes to the couple.

In the modern world, most of couples already have or can more or less easily afford anything and everything they need for life together. So it is best to present the bride and groom with something of non-material value, something that will cheer them up, improve their mood, and bring pleasant memories in the future. The best thing about such presents is that they are usually budget-friendly. So if you don’t have a lot of money for the present but want to give a really nice item, that’s your best choice!

Another perfect wedding gift for you – hand-knit throw blanket

Throw blanket4

Throw blanket5

It’s warm, cozy, and looks gorgeous in any interior. Can you imagine the newlyweds snuggling together under this chunky blanket on a cold winter day? Then don’t loose your chance to buy it! We have different colors and sizes.

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What handmade wedding gifts are trendy?

  • Home décor items (cute glass, wooden, metal, and clay stuff to decorate a home)
  • Personalized household items (various jars, cutlery, doormats, pottery, cutting boards, pillows, etc. made specifically for a certain couple)
  • Pictures, paintings, and other art objects (ideally, they should be made for the couple, about the couple, or at least somehow connected to the couple. For instance, order a local artist to paint the place where the bride and groom have met or make a collage that tells a lot about the newlyweds)
  • Custom-made personalized trinkets (bow-ties, cufflinks, jewelry, toys, accessories, and other pieces with a meaning for the couple)
  • Eco-friendly gifts (things made from natural materials. No plastic, no foil, nothing artificial. That’s a global trend for any gifts today).

The best thing about this new trend in wedding gifts is that you can use your imagination and creativity to make a perfect present that will melt the hearts of a happy couple. And this wedding trend isn’t going anywhere soon, so in the next few years, handmade and personalized wedding gifts will be among the most desirable presents for the newlyweds all over the world.

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