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Kate Moss avaA lot of brides try to get a wedding dress fashionable in this particular season, but some women would rather be innovative with their bridal outfits. They want a unique dress, something fresh and new. And for celebrities, it is much easier to get their hands on the original wedding gown made by famous designers specially for them. In this article, you’ll see 6 such wedding dresses – they became a trend at the time or, at the very least, shocked and impressed the wedding guests and fans all around the world.

Wedding fashion is a sport in itself. There are designers who do only wedding gowns. There are royal weddings. There are scandal weddings and scandalous bridal dresses. Let us show you six wedding dresses that made fashion history in the last 200 years.

A wedding dress is a terribly fashionable garment, which means that it’s really reflecting the taste of the time and the decade it was made in. And that makes it extremely difficult to find truly unique, personal, innovative ones.

# 1

Angelina Jolie got married to Brad Pitt in 2014. That was a very famous wedding that made headlines.

The dress was designed by Atelier Versace and it was absolutely perfect for her. It was made of white silk satin and gathered around the bust.


Angelina Jolie1


From the front, it looked angelic, pure, very elegant in its simplicity.


Angelina Jolie2


And from the back, you could see embroidery made from drawings of her children. The back of the train and the entire veil were decorated with colorful embroidery, contrasting with the simplicity of the front.


Angelina Jolie3


Don’t you think the idea of integrating children’s drawings as high-fashion embroidery is genius? It makes it such a personal gown, with so much meaning to it.


# 2

Solange Knowles also got married in 2014.

On her big day, she wore 6 different outfits, all of them white/cream-colored.

And all the guest were also wearing that color, which made for incredibly VOGUE-worthy photos.


Solange Knowles2


This is the outfit number 3, designed by the House Kenzo.


Solange Knowles1


This dress expresses her style 100%. She is not showing any skin. It’s a masterpiece of silhouette design. The lines are crisp, clean. The proportions are incredibly modern. Yet it’s not about the dress, it’s about her. She is wearing the dress, not the other way around.

The cape and the jewelry she went for make her look like a powerful, divine goddess. The choreography of the whole day and the group pictures were just the cherry on the cake.


# 3

Kate Moss married Jamie Hince in 2011. That was another very famous and PR-covered wedding.

She is known for her sense of style and appreciation of designer fashion, and her dress was designed by John Galliano.


Kate Moss1


It is a dress with a concept. They were not following current trends. They were after a specific 1930s aesthetic, working with chiffon to create a wonderful, romantic vibe.


Kate Moss2


It’s feminine, it’s organic… You truly understand the vision when you see the group photos of the wedding, taken by Vogue.


Kate Moss3


It’s in the countryside, flowers in her hair. The full color palette must have been created to match the dress. It’s beautiful.

As the paparazzi didn’t fail to mention, there was quite a bit of transparency in the dress – but that’s because she didn’t go as a bride, she went as a nymph.


# 4

Bianca Jagger went from star to superstar the day she married Mick Jagger, in 1971.

As a couple, they broke the rules of the establishment, and their wedding day was no exception. Instead of wearing a dress, she wore a suit.


Bianca Jagger1


A white skirt suit designed by a tailor of Savile Row. Savile Row is THE tailor street in London, and that tailor also tailored for John Lennon and for the Rolling Stones.

So in fact, Bianca went for a menswear designer.

What about that sulphurous cleavage, you might ask? There was a shirt planned under the jacket… but she was 4 months pregnant and the shirt, clearly, did not fit anymore.


Bianca Jagger2


Also, her veil was attached to her hat, practical and so chic.

Overall, the outfit was incredibly modern, original, a bit scandalous – definitely one of the famous ones of that decade.


# 5

The most iconic dress of the 1950s was Audrey Hepburn’s, from 1954.

It was created by Pierre Balmain himself and is the epitome of the silhouette of that decade: full skirt, big volume around the hips, lots of tulle, typical of the New Look of that time.


Audrey Hepburn1


Ballerina length, great to show her long legs and her pretty ankles. The sleeves were puffed, which in contrast makes her wrists seems tiny and feminine. The collar is high, no cleavage.


Audrey Hepburn2


Remember that the 50’s were the decade of Marilyn Monroe and of extreme hourglass figures. Audrey Hepburn’s style was very different. She was boyish in her silhouette. She had barely any curves, and yet she was so incredibly elegant and played the smart and intellectual card.

So that high collar instead of the regular, deeper cleavage of the time is one of the smartest parts of the design.


# 6

Queen Victoria got married in 1840 in England.


Queen Victoria1


Her dress had the classic neckline of that time. Lace, ruffled sleeves, a full length – all these things you’ve seen before. So why is she in our list?

She is the one who started the trend for white wedding dresses!

A true innovator.


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