Indian wedding1 avaIndia is one of those countries with a large variety of wedding traditions, rituals, and superstitions. So, there should be some strict rules as to what wedding dress a bride must wear. And yes, such rules exist. For example, the traditional wedding gown should be of a certain color, certain design, and the bride should wear certain jewelry pieces and makeup. Indian brides look glamorous and beautiful in their wedding attire – practically no Western-style wedding gown can be as awe-inspiring.

Sari or Western-style dress? Most of the Indian women opt for a sari as a wedding outfit. Sari is the traditional article of clothing in India, the local women are very familiar with it, they know how to wear it perfectly. Also, this design is very flattering and suits practically every woman, no matter what figure she has. Sarees are the perfect choice for the hot and humid Indian climate.

Do Indian brides wear white wedding dresses? Usually, no. White color in this country is traditional for funeral attire, so wedding clothing is rarely white. The most common color for bridal sarees is red. But other colors can also be used. Actually, there are different wedding traditions (including the bridalwear traditions) in different regions of India – color of the fabric, jewelry, style of draping a sari, etc may vary.


Indian traditional wedding clothing


Do Indian brides use a wedding veil? Often, they do. It is not an obligatory part of wedding attire, but a lot of brides choose to wear it. It can be a small veil that covers only the face or it may cover shoulders and back or even large cathedral veils can be used. The bridal veil is usually adorned with traditional jewelry.

What jewelry does an Indian bride use? It depends on the region and wealth of her family. But usually, brides in India wear a lot of massive, expensive, and eye-catching jewels for a wedding. Wealthy families can afford gold and silver jewels, while poor brides wear fake jewelry or pieces made from cheaper materials. Practically always, you can see a number of bracelets, a necklace or choker, massive earrings, finger rings, hair jewelry, etc. One particular interesting jewelry item often seen on brides is the nose ring – it looks amazing and very unusual for outsiders.

Do Indian women wear body paint on their wedding day? Yes, it is traditional to have a henna night the day before the wedding. Most, if not all, brides do it. So, the bridal makeup always includes henna (mehndi) body art on hands and feet.


Indian traditional wedding clothing

Indian traditional wedding clothing

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