Vietnam avaThe Vietnamese culture is rather humble and restricted and the local people are used to keep their temper in check. Most likely, you won’t witness a loud and wildly cheerful wedding in Vietnam. Some people even think that a Vietnamese wedding is boring, but it’s just that this country’s bridal rituals and ceremonies are based on old traditions. Vietnamese people honor their traditions greatly, so their wedding ceremony is made for your soul rather than your body, unlike in so many other countries, where you just eat, drink, and dance. Come with us to witness a part of Vietnamese traditional wedding.

Before the official wedding ceremony begins, the bride and groom are to meet at her house. The groom is met by the girls from the bride’s family, who are waiting for him and his family at the entrance.

The groom comes alone, his family arrives separately. They bring gifts for their future in-laws. The groom’s relatives form a line in front of the bride’s house, presents in tow.




One man from the groom’s side is chosen to represent the family. He officially announces the reason why they all came. Then, they deliver gifts to the bride’s family, which are brought to the altar at once. Sometimes, it is a whole procession of people with boxes and trays covered with red fabric – red color in many Asian countries is considered to bring happiness and good luck. Often, the bridal outfit is in red color.

The groom’s family comes into the house and to the altar after their future in-laws.

His parents and other relatives ask for permission for their son to marry the bride.




One representative of the groom’s family shows the gifts, which now sit at the altar, and explains their meaning.

Then, each guest from the groom’s side is introduced. Introduction of the bride’s family follows.

The mother of the bride brings her daughter to meet her husband-to-be for the wedding ceremony.




The candles and incense at the altar are lighted.

The bride’s parents say a prayer and ask their ancestors for permission to perform the wedding. Then, the couple does the same.




The parents of the bride bless the couple and accept their new son-in-law.

After that, the tea ceremony begins. The bride and groom offer tea to her parents and grandparents and receive a piece of advice for it. The same with his parents and grandparents.




The groom’s family presents the bride with jewelry as a welcome gift.




The couple thanks both their parents for raising them.

And that’s when the wedding procession goes to the groom’s house for the next step of the wedding ceremony.

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