There is a cute but a little strange wedding tradition in Bangladesh. The groom is supposed to buy the wedding attire, accessories, jewelry, makeup, and every detail of her wedding look for the bride, and the bride provides everything for him. This tradition is symbolic, it represents the joining of two families, the beginning of their union. For people from outside Bangladesh, it might seem odd or even uncomfortable, but this is actually a nice way for the family to show their acceptance and affection toward the son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

Long wedding parties that last until or even after midnight mean that your wedding guests will most probably become hungry again, no matter how good you’ve fed them during your wedding reception. So, if you want them to be cheerful and ready to party for hours, you need to feed your guests one more time after the wedding dinner. Midnight snacks don’t have to be something fancy and expensive, you can use small burgers or various bite-size snacks or cupcakes or fruits, etc. Offer these little things so that your wedding guests could replenish their energy levels for more dancing. The snacks can be served at 10-12 p.m.

It’s a very important issue because so many brides confess that they bought their wedding gown because their mother loved it or the saleswoman picked it up for them and persuaded them to have it or their friends mocked the dress they actually liked, etc. And later, the brides were sad for not wearing the perfect dress on their wedding day. Don’t let it happen to you. Pick the wedding gown you like and feel comfy in, no matter what other people say.

Donation registries are very popular these days. Wealthy or socially responsible couples ask their wedding guests to donate money to charity instead of buying wedding presents. Brooklyn Beckham, the son of David and Victoria Beckham, and his bride decided to financially help Ukraine that is suffering greatly now because of Russian-Ukrainian war. So, they asked their guests to support Ukraine financially as a wedding gift to Brooklyn and Nicola. It’s only logical because Beckhams don’t need any toasters or spa certificates)). What can you give them as a wedding present?

Are you looking for the best bridal shower gift ever? Here’s a wonderful idea – buy a luxury throw blanket for two. It will bring the newlyweds closer when they’ll be cuddling together, for example, during a romantic dinner on their honeymoon or drinking coffee on the terrace of their house or watching a movie in the evening. The couple will use and appreciate such a gift for years.

If you are a no fuss person and love minimalism, your wedding rings holder should suit your taste as well. Particularly, you might prefer a simple and classic jewelry box for your wedding bands – a black or white one. Sometimes, all the fancy DIY décor is too much.

You don’t have to have paper wedding programs at your wedding, but if you’re going to use them, order them printed about 1 month before the wedding. In case you’re going to have only an online program, that’s fine, make it final in this period of time as well. Of course, to compose the program and print the right number of them, you need to know the final timeline and guest list count.

A wedding is usually an expensive ordeal and a lot of couples have some trouble paying for it. So, different family members might offer you help with your wedding expenses, even if they can’t give a lot. Sometimes, a granny who can spare only a few hundred dollars wants you to take her money, do it and be grateful – it might warm her heart that she’s helped her favorite grandkid. Never forget to thank those people who fund your wedding, no matter how much they give you. If they want to do something for your dream wedding, they care about you, which is really great. So what if your parents can’t afford to offer you $100,000 to plan a super grand wedding? It doesn’t mean they love you any less. Be grateful and make sure to let them know about it.

Smaller wedding cakes with only 1-2 tiers (3 tiers max) are popular in 2022. But make them eye-catching in appearance and unique and magnificent in taste. A nice trick is to add vivid elements of décor that are also trendy today.

Flowers are fragile – that’s a fact. Be prepared for some of the florals you ordered to get to your wedding location damaged. Usually, it’s not the flower company’s fault or the florist’s fault. It’s just the reality of working with fresh flowers. Some stores already add, say, 5% extra, but some do not. When ordering your wedding florals, ask if they do and make sure you have extra flowers in case some of them die or stems break or whatever. Don’t count on every flower being in perfect condition.

Tiny wooden boxes can be wonderful wedding bands holders. They usually have a lid, so the rings will never fall or get lost during the wedding chaos (like it sometimes happens with pillows). And you can fill the box with any décor you want.