One of Romanian wedding superstitions says that a couple should be extra careful with their wedding bands. Because to drop them is a very bad omen. If the wedding rings are dropped by the bride and groom or the bridal party, people consider it a sign of certain death for one of the couple of both. Eerie superstition!

When you’re planning to go shopping for your wedding gown, don’t bring too many people with you but don’t come alone as well. You need a small gang of close friends or relatives that will help you choose the gown. Preferably, honest and supportive people. You need them to stop you from buying the wrong dress and support you in your choice. These people should not compete with you in beauty but put your needs first. It can be your bridesmaids, your mother or sisters, your closest friends, or whoever you feel comfortable shopping with.

Couples who want a secluded location for their wedding can choose a farm or even an open field as their wedding venue. These places are really affordable (maybe you’ll even get the place for free, borrowing it from your friends or relatives) and you can decorate the space as you like. But remember that you’ll have to do a lot of work to provide everything for the event (including electricity, food, transfer, etc). And also, pick a location with a beautiful view – because why else have a wedding in the middle of nowhere?!

If you’re invited to a wedding as a guest, pay great attention to your outfit. Dress prettily but appropriately. You might be tempted to wear something sexy and revealing, especially to a summer wedding, because people tend to think about their own personal life at such romantic events. But even if you’d like to find a date at the wedding, avoid too provocative outfits. Remember that you’re just a guest and shouldn’t attract too much attention.

If you’re hunting for the perfect wedding veil, here’s a nice tip. To have a more conservative and classic wedding look, pick an elbow-length veil. It is elegant and comfortable to wear. There are single tier and two-tier blusher veils, depending on whether you want to be able to cover your face or not. Such veils look good from all the sides and angles.

Pearls are classic. And they suit most styles of wedding attire wonderfully. A pearl necklace looks fancy, elegant, and the color can match the dress. It’s extremely popular among the brides of all time. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and classic wedding jewelry, maybe pearls are for you. There can be white, cream, black, pink, yellow, silver, etc colors of pearls – just pick whatever you prefer.

A honeymoon registry is a great way to ask your wedding guests to become sponsors for your honeymoon instead of giving you ordinary wedding presents. It’s an online tool, you show people your honeymoon wishlist in a registry and they choose which points they want to cover financially. If you’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding and can’t afford a descent honeymoon, the honeymoon registry can be a nice way out of this situation.

It’s a very interesting and spectacular wedding activity. Arab men perform a traditional dance with swords, and it all looks wow! This dance is old and significant for the Arab culture. Men are dressed in festive traditional clothing and carry swords or sabers. They stand in two rows opposite of one another and dance. The ardah is performed in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Arab countries. And it’s really popular even today.

Brides often look pure, delicate, and dreamy, so thin and cute necklace chains as wedding jewelry might suit the attire and the mood perfectly. They don’t attract too much attention but add a romantic vibe to a woman and look wonderful with lace, silk, satin, sheer fabrics, and other materials we see on wedding gowns.

Eco-friendly wedding bands holders are extremely popular and trendy today. They can be made from various natural materials – wood, grass, fabric, burlap, fresh or dried flowers, etc. A good thing about such wedding rings holders is that you can make one for your wedding yourself, using available materials and creating a design you like. Or you can buy one and keep it or throw away after the wedding – in any case, you won’t add more trash to the environment.

Wedding dress experts advise to start working on groom’s wedding outfit about 3 months before the wedding. This will also save you money because last-minute orders always cost extra, you’ll save a lot buying and even custom-making your wedding clothing and accessories in advance. When you have time, you can look for the right garment for days, ask around, find a perfect suit from the rack instead of paying extra for tailored attire, etc. Besides, you’ll have enough time to make any adjustments if they’re needed.