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You can write about your own wedding story, your friends and family members, or even your ancestors. What writing style to use, how long to make your tale, whether to add photos or not – this is totally up to you. Feel free to manifest your personality in your wedding story.

Do you want to congratulate your spouse on the wedding anniversary? What better way to do it than tell the whole world your love story, add a few beautiful wedding photos, and then let her or him read the post?

Also, you can honor the memory of your ancestors by telling their wedding tale.

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Sonia and Boris avaNot all love stories have a good ending and happily ever after. Sometimes, destiny can be cruel and unjust. But there is romance and love even in such wedding tales as this one. And they also should be heard and remembered. This wedding story is about a Jewish woman and her brave husband who refused to leave her even in the face of execution and died together with his beloved wife during the Holocaust. Over 85 years have passed since then but their love story lives.

DanielAnna avaPeople often got married by calculation 100 years ago. They had their reasons, of course, it wasn’t plain greediness, but such unions rarely were happy. And people realized they would be trapped with someone they felt nothing (if they were lucky) for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, my ancestors were such a couple, so let me share their wedding story with you. It’s about love and loathing, the given word, and the prohibition on divorce.

Luke and Agaphia avaThis love story is passed in my family from one generation to the next. In my opinion, it’s proof that fate really exists because it brought my ancestors together when they hadn’t expected. A misunderstanding and epic fail turned into the happiest occurrence for this couple. Normally, they wouldn’t have met at all, but fate has a strange sense of humor. So, let me tell you the wedding story of my great grandparents Luke and Agaphia who got married in 1911.

Your Wedding Story avaJust a few days ago, my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. And we’re still in love and terribly happy together. He’s my soulmate. We’re like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. What I’m lacking, he has, and vice versa. Our wedding story is rather curious, some would even say strange. It’s funny but black color has brought us good luck and happiness in marriage.