Your Wedding Story avaJust a few days ago, my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. And we’re still in love and terribly happy together. He’s my soulmate. We’re like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. What I’m lacking, he has, and vice versa. Our wedding story is rather curious, some would even say strange. It’s funny but black color has brought us good luck and happiness in marriage.

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We met at a Gothic party (because we both were into Goth subculture), and at that moment, nobody would believe that our relationship could get that serious. If my mom saw him in his full Goth apparel – with dark makeup, black nails, dyed black longish hair, silver hoops in his ears and nose, dressed in a sophisticated long black coat, I’m not sure whether she would be happy to get such a son-in-law)).

But the sparkle between us was practically instant.


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Do you know what’s funny about all that? I came to that party to meet with totally another guy, a friend of a friend, with whom I’d been chatting online and invited him to this particular event to meet in person at last. But that guy didn’t come – it was probably fate because he lived in another city and got sudden transportation trouble. So, instead of having a date I was hoping for, I met my future husband and fall for him.

When we were talking at that noisy party, with lots of loud music, he mentioned that he had a daughter. And I thought, “Oi! He’s married!”. I was confused and upset until the next morning when I found out he was divorced. What a relief it was!


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After just 3 months of dating, the man I love popped the question. And I said, yes. Though our friends and family thought it was too early to make such important decisions, we already knew that we wanted to be together forever. But to make sure we could co-exist without trouble, we moved together and spent another 6 months in the wedding prep.

Our wedding happened on June 27, 2009. It wasn’t a grand wedding. We wanted our big day to be simple and comfortable for us, so only the closest people were around, no wedding feast, no fancy wedding décor. The only things we cared to have were our wedding attire, wedding rings, my bouquet, and we also decorated our car with ribbons and flowers for this event.

Our wedding rings are custom-made. They’re silver, rather than gold, elaborately shaped, and set with a stone (both gems are cut from a single piece of smoky quartz, so that the rings eternally were a pair, just like their owners).


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By the way, of course, the wedding clothing was unusual. I didn’t want a white dress, so it was violet & black, with black lace, a hoop skirt, and a black velvet pillbox hat with a violet veil. My husband wore all black, including a sleeveless vest that showed off some of his tattoos.

I often recall our wedding day, my feelings and emotions. Sometimes I think that I would have changed certain things. But what I would never change is the man I married that day, tying our lives, souls, and future together. We never know how much time we actually have in this lifetime, so we’re trying to enjoy every second together. And I wish the people who read this to experience the same enormous amount of love my husband and I have for each other.

Share your own unique wedding story with the world!

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