Swedish gown avaHow did wedding dresses look like at the beginning of the 20th century in Sweden? Did they differ much from other European wedding gowns from the period? Were they similar to traditional Swedish wedding attire or totally modern? Here’s a small collection of wedding dresses from the early 1900s. They are preserved by the American Swedish Institute in the US. And looking at these 100-year-old bridal gowns, we can learn more about Swedish wedding fashion.

Gorgeous burgundy-colored wedding gown from 1901. It is made from heavy silk and has just a touch of decoration on the bodice and cuffs. Instead of common large lace inserts, this gown has a yoke of delicate lace and ecru lace trim on the cuffs and the yoke. Also, there are decorative satin ribbons to adorn the bodice.

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Cream-colored bridal gown from 1905. It is a silk dress with a hobble skirt and a slight train. The garment is adorned with lace inserts. Its collar is high, stand-up, and stiffened. The underbodice is boned to create a corset-like appearance.

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Wedding gown with cute details from 1906. The attire consists of separate bodice and skirt. It has short (¾ length) puffy sleeves and a stand-up lace collar. The skirt has a short train. The belt is embellished with lovely little bows.

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Swedish gown4 3

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Ornate bridal dress from 1907. This attire includes several separate pieces. The underbodice and underskirt are made from thin silk with lace-edged neckline and ruffles at the hem. The bodice and overskirt are sewn from fine net, with floral ribbon applique, lace ruffles extending to a high collar with celluloid stays, and scalloped ribbon applique at the hem. The dress is complemented by a long sheer veil.

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Rather austere-looking wedding dress with a short train from 1908. It is made from satin with small lace decorations. There is embroidered lace at the cuffs and bodice and a small ruffle around the round neckline. Another lovely detail is a satin flower on the bodice.

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Silk wedding dress of rather unusual design from 1914. It looks a lot like a robe. Under the dress, is a panel of lace attached with snaps; panels of matching lace adorn the skirt and the 3/4 length sleeves. This handmade embroidered lace is cute. Also, there is a silk belt at the waist.

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Swedish gown7 2

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Flowing bridal gown with trumpet sleeves from 1917. The dress is made from fine net. At the front of the bodice, there is a panel of lace. A satin sash with a bow at the back highlights the natural waist.

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Cream-colored wedding dress from 1925-1930. It is made from satin and embellished with lace and beading. The dress has a cathedral train. The sleeves have loops at the cuffs to secure them to the middle fingers. The bridal gown is accompanied by a lace cap with a long veil.

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