Moroccan sweets avaThe wedding meal is one of the most expected and desired by the guests parts of a wedding. And in many countries, the wedding reception is lavish and grand. Couples and their families show their generosity and wealth by making a real feast for their wedding guests that sometimes lasts for a few days in a row. Moroccan traditional culture is famous for its delicious food, so Moroccan wedding receptions are deliciously wonderful, with lots of sweets and tender & spicy meat dishes.

During the whole wedding day, guests receive various traditional sweets and tea from the bridal party, but the actual feast starts after the bride and groom enter the wedding location.


Moroccan wedding dinner with tea and sweets


Usually, Moroccan wedding dinner includes a 3-course meal. The first course is considered an appetizer, though it’s a lot heavier than usual Western-style appetizers. The wedding guests are served grilled chicken with olives, lemon, and local spices. The second course – the main course – offers tender lamb meat sweetened with prunes. The third course or dessert includes seasonal fruit or traditional Moroccan dish called “seffa”. The seffa is a sweet dish with fried almonds. At some weddings, the seffa is served with a fruit plate, so you sort of get both desserts.

Also, no respected Moroccan wedding would go without the traditional pastry called “pastilla”. It is a pie made from thin filo dough and chicken, pigeon, or seafood stuffing with spices and almonds.

Moroccan traditional cuisine is sweet and spicy, which is a perfect mix for wedding food.

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