Turkish avaThere are so many different wedding traditions around the world and we’ve already told you about many of them on this website, so it might be hard to surprise you further. But the Turkish people still have something up their sleeve – some of their wedding customs and rituals are really cute and adorable. And they might be very well worth your attention if you’re planning your own or your friend’s wedding. Why not experiment? Especially when a certain wedding tradition is rather neutral and suits just any culture.

This event is called “Kiz isteme”. It is a slightly modified old Turkish wedding tradition. So, here’s what happens when a Turkish couple decides to tie the knot.


After a couple decides getting married, they talk to their parents.

Groom’s family goes to the bride’s house. Usually, elder ones of both of the families meet and talk. As a tradition, “Turkish coffee” is served. After a while, groom’s father (if not, mother) starts a speech ending with “We want your daughter as a wife for our son”.




Bride’s family asks her if she wants to marry him. If she says “yes”, there’ll be a wedding and she’ll get married. If not, nothing will happen.

If two families are agreed on the marriage, they decide on a date of “Engagement”. The day of engagement is generally organized by bride’s family. But the rings and the clothes are bought by groom’s family.

Rings are linked with a red ribbon. Then, they’re put on the right hand’s ring finger. The ribbon is cut by someone important in the family. After this, they’re called “fiance and fiancee”.




One of the most important parts of a Turkish wedding is “Henna Night”, which is usually held the night before the wedding day. Mostly attended by women, this night everyone dances and has fun. They usually wear like this.




As the night goes on, it comes to “putting henna” on the palms of the bride. Firstly, some of the women spin around the bride while singing “Yuksek Yuksek Tepeler”.




Henna can be put by anyone but groom’s mother has to put gold on bride’s palm.

The wedding

The bride wears white. White was considered as the color of celebration during Roman Empire time and today, it’s seen as the color of purity.

Before bride leaves her own home, “red ribbon” is wrapped around her waist by her father or brother.

Bride’s friends usually want her to write their names under her shoes. Because it’s thought that the friend whose name is erased, will be the next one to get married.

Guests are given some candy or chocolate or cookie after the wedding.

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