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wedding favor avaMost couples these days want to give little wedding favors to their guests. But you have to think your gift through very carefully because if you present the guests with something not really interesting or useful, they will just trash it or simply forget about it after the party, and your money will be spent for nothing. So make this an important task to choose an awesome wedding favor to amaze your guests. Here are a few cool ideas of wedding favors you can consider.

According to, about 40% of engagements happen from November to February. So, in the next several months, some of those women who are now reading this article will get a proposal and start their preparation for the wedding. It might be you!.. Here is some inspiration for the future brides as to what wedding favors to have for the guests.

Modern wedding favor idea! Or a great thank-you gift for bridesmaids and groomsmen. This handcrafted wooden earphone cable holder can be a perfect little present for your wedding guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen, or those people who helped you organize the event. It is stylish, eco-friendly (made from walnut wood and finished with natural oils), and useful. And the price is only $11.

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This season, personalized gifts are trendy and very popular. And personalized wedding favors are an affordable and fun way to incorporate these trends.

Personalized can coolers

These things are rather popular. Also, they’re cheap, so you can order a few dozens of them for a reasonable price. To make them really interesting and fun, just order a custom-design for them, but don’t tie the design to your names or the date of the wedding too much (some couples do that – and it certainly is OK – but personally I think that a more general inscription will be better). Instead, choose something more universal for your guests to be able to use the favor for years after your wedding. For instance, you can inscribe a nice saying, something about love, happily ever after, etc. Or you can dedicate the inscription to a certain town or place. There are plenty of variants.

Welcome bags

If you’re planning a destination wedding or have many out-of-town guests, this type of wedding favors is perfect. Such a kit may include a cute eco bag to carry goods, a map of the town, a brochure about the town or place where the wedding is held (with tourist attractions, stores, and other useful info), bottled water, local treats (e.g. sweets or healthy snacks), a hangover kit, and any other items you think may be useful for your guests.

Lip balm

Experience shows that the lip balm is the guests’ favorite, no matter what the season is. You can choose different flavors, colors, and SPF. Another modern wedding trend is to organize wedding ceremonies and parties outdoors, so lip balm can become the best wedding favor ever. And also, you can make it personalized as well – by ordering a signature on the tube. Add a tiny thank-you card, and you’ll have a perfect, useful wedding favor.

Cup/glass coasters

A lot of weddings have a bar or a drink station of some kind (even non-alcohol ones), so the wedding guests are served their drinks and it can be fun. For example, when each person gets their own glass coaster, which they can take as a souvenir after the wedding. You can make personal coasters with the name of each guest inscribed on the surface or think out any other inscription, like “Mr and Mrs Smith”, etc.

Personalized wedding favors are trendy in 2019 and people already love them so much that they aren’t going anywhere soon. So there’s a big chance that such small gifts will be popular in the future years as well.

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