Wedding traditions avaEach country has its own wedding traditions that are passed from one generation to the other. Some of these traditions are the same for various corners of the world, others differ dramatically. But they all are fun. Today, we’d like to show you some of the cutest wedding traditions that are typical for Australia, Germany, India, and Turkey.



Rings are linked with a red ribbon. Then they’re put on the right hand’s ring finger. The ribbon is cut by someone important in the family.

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Before the bride leaves her own home, a red ribbon is wrapped around her waist by her father or brother.

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One of the most important parts of a Turkish wedding is the Henna Night. The bride’s body is painted with special henna patterns that have a sacred meaning.

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The bride’s friends usually want her to write their names under her shoes because it’s thought that the friend whose name is erased, will be the next one to get married.

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The bride’s sisters play a trick on the groom by stealing his shoes once he enters the wedding tent. The groom must bribe the sisters to return his shoes before he exits.

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The guests are given stones and asked to hold them during the ceremony. At the end, guests place the stones in a decorative bowl that the couple will keep and display afterwards to remind them of the support and presence of their friends and family.

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The newlyweds must instantly put their bond to the test by working together to saw a log in half in front of all their guests. The act is intended to showcase the bride and groom’s ability to work together and face the obstacles that may come throughout their marriage.

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Another tradition is to collect pennies for years and buy wedding shoes for the bride with this money.

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