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ring avaIf you’ve already found your one and only and are ready to propose, the next most important thing to think about is the engagement ring. But it’s a real challenge: how to choose the right ring? what material is the best? We can’t tell you whom to propose to, but we definitely can help with the ring. In this material, we’ll talk about engagement rings made from platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and black gold, and their pros and cons.


This metal is rather expensive but it has several very weighty advantages. First of all, platinum is strong but easy to work with, so jewelry makers value it highly and are able to produce really intricate shapes. These rings usually are made of 95% platinum and only 5% alloy, so you get what you pay for, unlike with various gold alloys. A platinum ring is heavier than a gold one – for the same reason, by the way.

With time, platinum gains a layer of patina, which makes the ring look vintage. Though, if you don’t like it, the ring can be easily re-polished without damaging the piece or loosing any weight.

And here is the main advantage of platinum – it is the best possible choice for those who work with harsh chemicals. Why is that important? Ideally, an engagement ring must match a wedding ring (it means that the groom’s ring should also be made from platinum), so you both won’t have to worry about hair dyes, motor oils, various detergents, and many other chemicals people constantly come in contact with. They won’t be able to damage your wedding rings.

Among the cons of platinum are its high price and the possibility of mechanical damaging. Though it is a strong material, you can still scratch or dent it. Also, engagement rings with stones should be checked every 1-2 years to see if the prongs work properly to hold the diamond.

White gold

These rings (18K) are made from 75% gold and 25% alloy. They look pretty much like platinum but are less costly, which is the first pro.

With time, white gold may gain a yellowish tinge. It can be easily re-polished and re-plaited, but still, it means extra spendings. Though, if you take a good care of your ring, it will last for generations and look great.

White gold rings have one more advantage – this material is really strong, even to mechanical damaging, so the ring will stay perfect longer than platinum, for example.

Yellow gold

Just a few decades ago, this material was the most common for engagement and wedding rings in the world. Today though, it has lost its popularity rather dramatically. Still, yellow gold is a great ring material.

One of its advantages is that you can choose a cheaper diamond for the engagement ring because the color of gold masks a bit the yellowness of worse-quality stones and makes them look purer and whiter. At the same time, yellow gold setting is not very good for high-quality diamonds – it makes them appear less white. So, yellow gold is perfect for cheaper diamonds and not a good choice for high-quality diamonds.

These days, white metals are in vogue for wedding and engagement rings, but trends are fleeting, so if you like yellow gold or it suits your skin color, forget about fashion and buy a yellow gold ring. After all, it’s classic.

Rose gold

Rose gold has also become popular in recent years. This shade of color is achieved by adding copper to pure gold.

With time, the metal will gain a darker and redder tinge, so the ring will look more antique. Rose gold is a great metal for those who are fond of romantic and vintage style. And as vintage and eclectic wedding styles are trendy in 2020 wedding season, rose gold wedding and engagement rings can be perfect for your couple.

Also, rose gold looks good and flattering on fair skin tone.

Black gold

This metal gives a unique and exotic feel to the engagement and wedding rings. But remember that if you’re picking a black gold engagement ring, both groom’s and bride’s wedding rings should also be made from this metal. Otherwise, it will look weird.

The black shade of metal is achieved by rhodium plating. The original color of this gold is white and then it is blackened.

Black gold works nicely with pure diamonds. It creates a lovely contrast.

One of the main cons of black gold is that the plating can be damaged (scratched, dented, etc) and the original white gold will peak, spoiling the whole idea.

Gold mix

If you can’t decide what color of gold you would like for your engagement and wedding rings, there is one more option – you can choose a ring made by combining two different gold alloys. For instance, yellow and black gold or rose and white gold or other variants. There is a great assortment of such rings on the market and you’re able to make your pick after seeing them all in real life and trying them on.

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