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toast avaFor some people, these things we’re talking about are pretty obvious but we’d like to emphasize the importance of them. When you’re invited to a wedding, you are supposed to be a part of such a serious and happy event as the marriage ceremony, the unity of two hearts, two soles, two families. So, try not to ruin this perfect day for the bride and groom. This isn’t about your having a good time or eating delicious food and dancing all night. This is someone’s most memorable and happy day of their life. Remember these 5 simple rules – there are some other big no-nos, but these are the most important and serious.

# 5

Don’t wear white

Today, not all of the brides wear white or ivory for their wedding, but still, it is considered inappropriate for the wedding guests to wear white clothing for someone else’s bridal ceremony. The thing is, it can be confusing for other guests to identify the bride among several women in white. Also, wearing white clothing, you kind of take the focus from the bride because most people subconsciously look for a white dress when they’re searching for the bride. So, try not to wear white, cream, ivory, and such colors. If you know for sure that the bride will wear a gown of another color, choose the attire that won’t coincide with it.

# 4

Don’t complain and criticize

A wedding is a complicated event, with plenty of little and not so little detail. It can be hard to plan everything perfectly and even harder to make everything go perfectly. So, try not to complain about things you don’t like or criticize things you think could have been better. Remember that the couple invested a huge amount of time, effort, and money in this marriage ceremony, so, instead of complaining, you’d better compliment their work and notice things that they managed to do perfectly. There are, of course, situations when you must complain and need help, but talk to a member of the bridal party or stuff at the venue instead of going right to the bride and groom.

# 3

Don’t text or talk on the phone during the wedding ceremony

We live in a high-tech world, where smartphones and tablets are our best friends. People carry gadgets everywhere and aren’t shy to use them in just about any situation. But it’s rude to talk on the phone or even text during such an important time as the wedding ceremony. Many brides and grooms these days even opt for an unplugged wedding – wedding without gadgets – because too many guests snap photos, text, surf Facebook or Instagram, check-in at the wedding venue, and so on when they’re supposed to look at the bride and groom and listen to the ceremony going on.

# 2

Don’t get drunk and aggressive

Try not to spoil your friend’s or family member’s wedding by getting drunk and involving in a fight with other guests. This is a very happy occasion and most people raise glasses for the bride and groom, it’s totally fine to get tipsy and all but don’t drink too much. Drunk people do things they feel sorry for later and they can easily ruin a wedding by throwing up, trying to pick someone up, inappropriately singing and dancing, fighting with other guests, and so on so forth. So, if you care about the bride and groom, control yourself and the amount of alcohol you drink.

# 1

Don’t propose or make big announcements

It may seem so romantic to propose at a wedding but this actually is selfish and rude. This day is someone’s big moment, possibly the most important day in the bride and groom’s life, so never propose on someone else’s wedding. Also, don’t make big announcements, like pregnancy, career growth, etc. Just don’t steal the couple’s thunder, wait until you get your own moment.

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