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Engagement avaAfter the main question has been popped, the couple became engaged. And usually, they want to share the excellent news with their family and friends, so, the engagement party is due. But if that’s your first wedding and first engagement, how to do everything right and organize the perfect engagement party? So many brides and grooms have a whole lot of questions about this event. They need some help with organizing such an important party. And we’re here to help you out.

We’ve decided to make this article in a Q&A style. So, here are the most important and frequently asked questions.

Where to make the engagement party?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents hosted such a party. And by the way, it was so all around the world. Though today, any option is possible – you can organize an engagement party in the bride’s or groom’s house or at a friend’s place or in a cafe or in a backyard, etc. Sometimes, the party is thoroughly planned or it can be a spontaneous event. It’s up to you what kind of an engagement party you want.

You can even make several engagement parties. Especially if you and your loved one are from different locations and it’s hard to gather everyone you want to invite in one place. Or you can have separate parties for parents and relatives and for friends – the format is often different.

When to have the engagement party?

It also depends on the situation. You can go party right after the question was popped and celebrate with your friends. Or the engagement party can be planned, and it takes some time, obviously. But don’t wait too long after the actual engagement.

Who to invite to the engagement party?

Usually, these parties are small – just the closest family and friends. But here’s an advice for you: those people you invite to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding as well. At least, they probably will hope for it because it seems logical. So, don’t invite a lot of friends who aren’t close to you or your partner, think through the list of engagement party guests.

Do you need to send invitations?

Usually, no. Especially if the party is casual and there are just a dozen or so of guests. But if your engagement party is formal and you’re planning to serve a meal, you might want to send invitations (these can easily be online invitations) so that you knew how many people will attend and what their dietary preferences are. Also, you can just call people you want to invite and discuss the matter on the phone. The engagement party invitations shouldn’t be as formal as the wedding invitations.

What food and drinks to serve?

It’s totally ok to serve something simple, like snacks. The same is with drinks – you don’t have to spend a fortune on your engagement party. If you want to serve beer and non-alcoholic drinks, do it. On the other hand, if you want a fancy dinner, you’re free to have one. Hire a catering company to prepare all the food for you and just relax and have a good time.

What activity to offer your guests?

Basically, all they need is you and your future spouse + your engagement ring. This day is dedicated to your engagement and you don’t need to entertain your guests. The engagement party is all about pre-wedding excitement, sharing your plans about the future wedding, telling your love story to friends and family, and making new happy memories. A very nice idea is to hire a photographer or use a photo booth to take a lot of pictures to remember this day. This is your chance to choose a wedding photographer and sort of make a trial – see if you will trust him or her to work at your wedding.

What to wear to the engagement party?

It can be anything you are comfortable in. If you want to shine and impress your guests, feel free to buy a new and glamorous dress (which shouldn’t look like a wedding gown, by the way – leave the wow-effect for the wedding). Or you can wear something more casual. The most important thing is that you should feel comfy, have fun, and think about your engagement, not worry about clothing.

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