skincare avaA lot of brides-to-be think that they just hire a makeup artist to apply the wedding makeup in the morning of their big day – and they will look amazing, fresh, and perfect. Wrong! This simply isn’t enough. If you want to truly shine on your wedding day, you must start your skincare and hair care at least 6-8 months before the event. And all this work should be done daily and patiently. Unless you’re not a professional makeup artist or beautician, you might need some help and advice in this area. So, here are some tips for you.

If you have any skin issues, you most likely already have a cosmetician to help you look pretty and healthy. So, you can ask him or her for a piece of advice as to how you can prepare your face for wedding makeup. Make sure you consult with your beautician in advance – a few months before the wedding. Long-term skincare is always more effective than any last-moment treatment.

But what to do if you don’t have a cosmetician and any experience with skincare and hair care? In this case, we’d like to share with you some tips, rules, and advice in the sphere of beauty. These tips are also easy and available so that even women without a lot of experience in skin and hair care could use them.

Start your skin and hair prep early. Why?

Of course, you don’t have to spend so much time and effort on your appearance, but if you really want to look perfect on your wedding day, start preparing your skin and hair in advance. Specialists advise to start your skincare and hair care about 6-8 months before the actual date of the wedding.


wedding skin and hair prep


Long-term skincare is the best. Why should you start so early? Because skincare begins from inside of your body. Start taking vitamins – obviously, you’ll need some time for them to kick in. If you have any skin issues, consult with specialists and they might suggest you take a few procedures, which also requires time.

Another important issue is the hair prep, especially if you want to do any drastic changes, like dyeing your hair in a new color (sometimes it takes a few meetings with the hairstylist to achieve the desired shade) or making a haircut you’ve never tried before (you might not like it and need a few months to grow your hair back), etc. Also, hair needs vitamins and various care products to look healthy and shiny.

Skincare, hair care, facials. When to do what?

About 6 months before the wedding, start your skincare routine. Especially if some of the beauty products are new to you and your skin is going to need time to adjust.

At the same time, add regular facials.

Some women also change their eyebrow care – we mean change it seriously, like eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow tinting, or eyebrow microblading, etc – before the wedding to achieve the best shape. Such treatment should be done beforehand as well. Give yourself 6 months to heal after the procedure and get used to your new brows. Remember that after some of the procedures, eyebrows need a few months to get to a more natural shade – that’s normal.

About 4 months in advance, start doing your makeup and hairstyle trials so that you had enough time to change something in your appearance if need be.

Also, this is a good time to consult with the makeup artist and hairstylist of your choice and book them for the wedding day. The best and most successful specialists are often booked several months ahead, so don’t delay making arrangements with them. Of course, you are free to book the vendors even earlier, but 4 months ahead is sort of a deadline.

About 2 months before the wedding, is the perfect time to think about tanning – if you’re up to it. Regardless of it being natural sun tanning, solarium tanning, spray tanning, etc. In case anything goes wrong, you’ll have plenty of time to recover and solve any issues.

Important tip! Consider the design of your dress, especially the neckline, when tanning your body. Make sure no white marks from bikini straps are visible.

Other possible procedures for this period are teeth whitening, manicure and pedicure treatment, etc. These small things are important, too. You can try different styles of manicure, like acrylic, gel, regular nail polish of different colors, etc. Choose the shade you like and which suits your skin.

Attention! When you have only 2 months before the big day, don’t do any new skincare, procedures, or even new products because you never know how your skin will react. No experimenting. No serious treatment. Nothing out of the ordinary skincare routine.

About 2 weeks ahead, is time to do your final hair dyeing and your final eyebrow treatment.

Another important but rather unexpected advice is to start the lip treatment 2 weeks before the wedding. It can be lip masks or lip scrubs, which will make your lips more hydrated and smooth, which means that the lipstick lays better, lasts longer, and looks much prettier.

About 1 week in advance, make sure you drink a lot of water. Most people think about their water balance constantly, but the last week is so very important because your skin has to be perfectly hydrated to apply wedding makeup and for it to last long. Drinking enough water during this week will make your skin look better, you will have more vigor and feel better, and your metabolism will improve.


wedding skincare and hair prep


At the same time, if you’re planning to do the waxing, this is when you should do it. Never leave such treatment for the last few days because the skin needs to heal.

About 1-2 days before the wedding, do the final prep – sleep enough (so that you didn’t have bags under your eyes), continue hydrating your skin with special skincare products (remember, no new products!), drink lots of water, and don’t apply any aggressive or chemical skincare.

If you follow this schedule, you’ll look perfect and polished on your wedding day. Good luck and always remember that you’re beautiful. You need wedding makeup only to highlight your natural beauty.

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