Mexican wedding avaToday we are going to talk about the Mexican wedding traditions because some of them really are unique and different from those in other parts of the world. For instance, Mexican couples usually have sponsors that pay for their wedding (or at least cover some of the expenses). Also, there are several special rituals performed during the wedding ceremony and the party afterwards. And the bride and groom often choose Mexican traditional clothing as wedding costumes.

Traditional sponsors of the wedding

Mexican couples typically have sponsors when marrying. Sponsors may be grandparents, parents, godparents, relatives, or friends. These sponsors act as mentors to the couple during their engagement and after their wedding, but also provide financial support to the bride and groom in the form of paying for some of the wedding costs or purchasing something specific for the wedding ceremony.

Bride's attire

The bride's dress is to be sewn by her family members at the groom's family expense. The type of dress varies and can be a Flamenco-type dress consisting of ruffles at the bottom or a narrow dress with no ruffles.

Regardless of style, however, the bride's intent in her attire is to respect the church's dress code. Because of this, she may wear a bolero jacket to cover bare shoulders and usually also wears a mantilla veil to cover her head.

Groom's attire

Groom traditionally wears a Mexican shirt and linen pants. Mexican wedding shirts are known as a “guayabera” and contain up to 4 small, patch pockets and 2 rows of vertical, fine pleats. These shirts are commonly made of linen.

Arras ceremony

During the ceremony, the groom gifts the bride with 13 gold coins. This is referred to as the “Arras”. The officiant blesses these coins during the ceremony. The coins symbolize the groom's commitment to supporting the bride.

Ring exchange ceremony

The couple exchanges rings during the ceremony. Unlike American weddings, the rings are carried by an adult, perhaps a sponsor.

Wedding party

The guests on the dance floor surround the bride and groom as they enjoy their first dance. Guests typically hold hands and form a heart shape.

Pinata as a part of Mexican wedding

A pinata also appears at most traditional Mexican weddings. The pinata is filled with candy and broken by children attending the wedding. All guests share in the candy.

Wedding food

The entire town assists in preparing foods for the reception. A traditional Mexican sauce to serve at the reception is a mole. This sauce is made of multiple types of chili pepper and can be poured over any type of meat. The cake is a rum-soaked fruitcake. The cake is decorated with the colors of the wedding.


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