Succulent avaThe absolute majority of weddings around the world have floral décor – wedding arches, table centerpieces, wedding aisle décor, photoshoot zones, etc. But there are couples who don’t like or want flower arrangements to embellish their wedding venue. High cost, allergies, and boring look (because everyone around wants floral wedding décor) are just a few reasons for some brides and grooms to choose other items for wedding décor. And today, we’re going to talk about non-flower wedding table centerpieces. What other ideas are available?

What is the perfect size of wedding table centerpieces? You should know that the size of a wedding table centerpiece needs to be about:

  • 12-16 inches (30-40 cm) for 72-inch (180 cm) table;
  • 12 inches (30 cm) for standard 8-foot (250 cm) dining table;
  • 12-16 inches (30-40 cm) for round table.

We’re giving you these numbers so that you could roughly understand how much of the table a centerpiece can take. With a bouquet of flowers, it’s usually easier to count the space it occupies than when you’re creating a unique centerpiece.

Another important thing to consider is who will be responsible for the wedding table centerpieces at your wedding. When the event is decorated with flowers, you just hire a florist and he or she does everything. But if you choose to use creative table centerpieces, you will have to make them on your own or find a specific person to do it.

Potted plants


This wedding table centerpiece idea is one of the most beautiful, charming, and lively. Greenery always looks good as décor items. You can use potted herbs that will add a spicy aroma to the reception or cute little succulents or charming houseplants of any shape, size, shade of green, etc. Use pretty pots or even creative vessels, like wooden boxes, glass jars, and so on. This is where you will be able to use all your imagination.

A great pro of this wedding table centerpieces style is that you don’t kill flowers! When you have flower arrangements as wedding décor, all those florals are cut and die in a matter of hours. But with potted plants, every single one will survive.

You can save money by renting potted flowers or using the ones you or your family and friends have at home. You don’t have to buy them and then throw away.

Also, with potted plants, it’s easy to count the space they take on the table. They’re almost like a regular bouquet of flowers. And you can arrange the wedding table centerpieces pretty quickly and without a lot of effort.


If you’ve decided to grow your own succulents or other potted plants for the wedding, think twice because something may go wrong and you’ll find yourself without the centerpieces you want or the number of plants will be not enough or they will look far from perfect. So, if you don’t have time and experience, just buy potted plants. Or at least have a backup plan.

Another minus of potted plants is that you will have to deal with them after the wedding – make sure you know where to take a dozen or even a few dozens of plants. You’ll need to tend to them long after the big day. If they’re tiny succulents in cute pots, maybe it will be a great idea to offer some of your wedding guests to have them as wedding favors from you. One more option is to sell them after the wedding and have some of the money spent on them back.



Lanterns are a perfect idea for wedding table centerpieces. They look romantic, create a homey and dreamy atmosphere, and add warmth and light to the venue. Also, the variety of lanterns available is huge and you can easily buy new or used lanterns in practically any style (in a store, online, on flea markets, etc, or even rent or borrow them).

A good thing about lanterns is that they’re usually taller than wider and don’t steel too much space on the table.

Lanterns combine beautifully with greenery, wood and metal décor, so don’t just put a single lantern on the table, add other elements to add some charm to the centerpiece.


If the lanterns have candles inside, you need to think about fire safety. Some venues don’t allow to use open fire, so the lanterns have to be closed. Or you can put greenery, toys, pebbles, and other stuff inside, instead of candles. You can even leave it empty if the design is cute all by itself.

A significant minus of lanterns as a table centerpiece is their price. Unless you have only a few tables, be ready to spend pretty much on such a décor. But you can opt for used lanterns and save good money.



Again, candles look amazing, romantic, and fancy. They create a special atmosphere and suit any interior.

A whole lot of colors, sizes, shapes of candles are available on the market, so you can pick whatever matches other décor pieces and the general style of your wedding. The price can be diverse as well, but you can easily create a cute arrangement from scrap instead of buying expensive pillar candles with costly glass candlesticks.


We’ve already said about open flame and fire safety earlier. Many wedding venues won’t let you have candles without casing on the tables. And not only because of the flame but also because the wax drips on the table or tablecloth. So, if you still want to use candles, think about some glass covering or pillar candles or small candles floating in vessels with water, and so on.

Antique or vintage items


This type of wedding table centerpiece items is probably the most diverse, creative, and fun to make. There are so many various pieces you can use – from vintage silver dinnerware to antique clocks to old books to vintage décor elements, etc. A huge variety of ideas. And you’re able to find the most charming and stylish things, the ones that will look in harmony with your wedding theme and another décor.

To find nice and affordable vintage décor items, go to flea markets, local antique stores, shop online, and search your grandparents’ attic or basement. You might be surprised how many gorgeous vintage housewares are waiting at the attic of an ordinary house.


To find all the needed elements and create a table centerpiece with antique pieces, you usually need a lot of time, effort, and sometimes experience. Because it may sound like an easy task, but arranging vintage stuff demands imagination and taste.

Also, most probably, every centerpiece will differ from others, every one of them will be unique. Because it’s unlikely for you to find a dozen identical antique items. So, make sure your wedding table centerpieces are made in the same style and somehow all match or have a common feature. Otherwise, the décor will look helter-skelter and spoil the whole idea. In the wrong hands, wonderful vintage pieces may turn into awful and tacky table centerpieces.

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