Cotton bouquet avaEvery wedding bouquet is created to express the bride’s personality and style. For many years, women followed wedding bouquet trends and often picked those flowers the most fashionable at the moment, no matter if they liked them or not. But this situation has changed in the last few years – brides started to choose those florals, greenery, and decorative elements they want. And the latest trends only help women with this task – expressing your personality is the main trend today. So, unusual and extravagant wedding bouquets are the thing for a lot of brides. For example, fluffy and adorable bouquets made up of cotton stems.

Cotton is a very cute and funny-looking plant. Its seeds are surrounded with soft and fluffy fibers – magnificent white balls of fluff. These plants look adorable and unique. So, wedding florists started to use cotton when creating bridal bouquets. And why not? White, soft, and fuzzy – all these features are a perfect choice for an elegant bride.


Cotton wedding bouquet


This plant combines nicely with many other florals, herbs, and greenery. For instance, cotton is often mixed with pampas grass, roses, dried herbs and flowers, wheat ears, carnations, dried or fresh berries and citrus fruits, pine cones, different fresh small flowers, and various other plants. There is a huge number of variants and only the imagination of a florist can limit it. So, if you want to be creative or even eccentric on your wedding day, chose a cotton wedding bouquet.

Also, the groom’s buttonholes and boutonnieres with cotton stems look wonderful.

Moreover, the whole wedding décor can be centered around cotton – wedding table centerpieces with cotton, wedding invitations with images of cotton, wedding cake with decorations imitating fluffy cotton, cotton arrangements for the wedding hall, etc.

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