Fall wedding avaFall is a great season for a wedding. The weather usually becomes milder and cooler, fall landscapes are perfect for the wedding photos, and the atmosphere is just right for cuddling and romance. That’s why a lot of couples choose this season for their marriage ceremonies. But the wedding planning demands practicality, so you need to consider all the pros and cons of a fall wedding and decide if it’s the best option for your couple. Here are a few tips and peculiarities of a fall wedding planning.


Sure, it depends on your country and region, but think very carefully about what’s the weather like in your area in fall. Would you and your guests be comfortable? Should you have an outdoor wedding or stick to some wedding hall/restaurant? How rainy are falls in your region? How cool are evenings? And so on so forth.

Fall weddings sometimes require some additional expenses – portable heaters, blankets for your guests, a tent, etc. These items are usually needed for outdoor weddings, so if you plan on having an open-air ceremony, consider such expenses as well.

Also, you need to know the weather on your wedding day to plan a wedding photoshoot. On rainy days, you’ll have to come up with backup locations for your photos.

Wedding timeline

Remember that, in fall, days are shorter, so adjust your timeline accordingly. It’s especially important to talk with the wedding photographer about the best time of the day to take photos because you might lose your chance to have beautiful wedding pics unless you schedule the day thoroughly.


Many wedding businesses offer discounts and various bonuses for those weddings booked in the off-season. And the end of fall is just that. So, if you’re tight on a wedding budget and need to save some money, think about having a wedding in late fall or winter (except for the Christmas holidays – this is another high season). You might get a really nice fare from the vendors, wedding venue, etc. Even if they don’t offer you a lower price, try to ask for it yourself – it doesn't hurt to ask. And why not save a thousand on your wedding if you can?

Wedding dress

Nights in fall can be rather chilly, so when picking your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire, think the outfits through. Maybe choose a long wedding gown with long sleeves, add a cape or jacket if the weather is cold, choose chic ankle boots instead of pumps or sandals. An additional layer of clothes can be handy in fall.

Don’t forget about your bridal party as well. The bridesmaids should be comfortable in their outfits, not freezing their butts off for you.

If your wedding is organized outdoors and it’s fall, remind your guests to bring some outerwear from home to keep them warm. No matter whether you have heaters and blankets for the guests, warn them to dress according to the weather.

Wedding meal

A fall wedding meal differs from summer food. When it’s colder, you need more calories, a bit heavier food, hot drinks, and so on so forth. Fall is a great time for a wedding reception because there is a lot of seasonal veggies and fruit that you can incorporate into the meal. It will not only make the dishes more diverse but also save you a decent part of your wedding dinner budget.

It’s great to serve hot food and drinks to make your wedding guests feel cozier. BBQ is such a cool choice for a fall wedding. Generally, you have plenty of options as to what food to serve in fall.

Notice! When talking about drinks, you still have to serve water and cold non-alcoholic beverages along with hot drinks. Teas and coffees won’t be enough, especially with your wedding guests dancing through the night.

If you serve spirits, they also have to be heavier. Whiskey and mulled wine instead of margaritas and light white wine, etc.

Fall holidays

We have some fall holidays that influence the lives of some people drastically. And you have several options regarding this issue. First, avoid planning your wedding on these dates (like Halloween or Thanksgiving Day) because you’ll lose a few guests who don’t want to give up their family traditions. Second, incorporate the holiday spirit in your wedding. For instance, if you’re big fans of Halloween yourselves, make a themed Halloween wedding. Third, ignore the holiday and simply be ready that a few of your guests won’t come because they have other plans. This is your wedding day, so it’s up to you whether to take into consideration such issues like national holidays or not.

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