wedding dj avaThere are not so many wedding music options available. So, which of them to choose for the wedding of your dream? But even when you’ve made this significant choice, it doesn’t get better because new challenges arise. For instance, you’ve decided to hire a DJ for your wedding to play music and work as the host and audio man. How to communicate with them? Do you have to make a playlist of your favorite songs for the DJ or should you fully rely on them? And how to choose the best DJ for your wedding, as a matter of fact? Let’s try to answer at least some of these questions and issues.

Wedding DJ or live band?

When people are choosing music for their wedding celebration, they usually have just a few options – to hire a DJ, to hire a live music band or musician, to go without music at all, or to ask one of your guests to work with your audio system and playlist. Some people choose one of the latter options trying to save money, but in the end, it can lead to a disaster. Those options can be, in theory, used at micro weddings but not at your ordinary or grand weddings. So, better choose from the former options – a DJ or live music.

To make the right decision, you need to understand what you want. Consider the music genre you like, the theme of your wedding, and your budget as well. A DJ will cost you less than a band. But if you want to have a fancy and sophisticated vibe, think about live musicians, for example, a quartet of violinists or something like that. At the same time, if your guests love to party, a DJ should be your option of choice.

The repertoire of a DJ is wider, obviously. But if you’re a fan of a specific genre (rock or classic music or rap or rockabilly, etc) and live concerts, you might be able to find a band that will perfectly suit your taste.

No matter what you choose, do the “tasting” before making any arrangements. Until you hear them playing and are ok with everything, don’t hire anybody. Also, talk to your music performer before the wedding, let them know what you expect them to do, create together a playlist of songs you long to hear at your wedding and another list of “no-no” songs. Discuss the wedding timeline, DJ’s responsibilities, and other details to make everything go according to the plan.

Tips on how to pick wedding DJ

If your choice fell on a DJ, the next important thing is to find the right one for your couple and your wedding celebration.

Tip #1

Choose a DJ with experience in working events, working weddings, doing the shows, etc. Obviously, it can be too hard for a newbie to work a grand wedding for the first time. So, choose a professional. Because a good DJ can save the day when something goes wrong. And in general, your DJ is the host at the event, an audio man – he’s not just playing music, he’s making announcements, entertains the guests, etc. Good DJs are expensive but that’s because it’s a hard and responsible job.

Tip #2

Find the DJ you consider to hire on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Look at his/her favorite playlists, style, experience, personality. All this will help you understand if this particular person is for you.

Also, you can learn a lot from comments and reviews about a DJ, from their webpage and social media. If they’re serious about their business, it will show.

Tip #3

Give your DJ time to prepare for the event. Meaning, if they ask you to make a playlist of songs you’d like to hear at your wedding, don’t put this task aside until the last moment. Respect the DJ’s work, they need at the very least a week to get ready for the event. And you also need to tell the DJ about all the responsibilities you’re putting on them – in advance – so that they could prepare the lines and jokes and everything else.

Tip #4

Your DJ has to know your wedding timeline. If they’re only to play music, they need to know when the gaps between different wedding activities are. And when you want your DJ to be the audio man as well and do the announcements, they absolutely need to know the details of your wedding day plan.

Communicating with DJ

And now, let’s talk about the communication with your DJ. How to be on the same page? How to explain what you want from a wedding DJ? And how to actually figure out your own expectations and desires?

A very important thing is to discuss the future event with the DJ, to try to explain how you imagine your perfect wedding. This will help the DJ to host your wedding and to choose the best music for you. If you have any specific requests, don’t be shy to share in advance so that the DJ has time to prepare.


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An experienced DJ will help you figure out the best music support, the best style and genre of music for every occasion. They can also feel the atmosphere and quickly adjust to the vibe. In short, when you hire a professional, this person knows how to work the event.

Should you create a playlist for your wedding? If you want to, sure. If not, you don’t absolutely have to do it. Some people know for sure what songs they would like to hear, others don’t care much, as long as their guests are entertained and happy. Some couples even make several playlists (for the official ceremony, for the cocktail hour, for the dance night, etc), but you don’t have to do it if you’re not that kind of person. So, it’s up to you. But if you have a list of songs you really want to play at your wedding, give it to your DJ. The same we can say about the list of songs you hate and would never want to hear at your wedding – let the DJ know about it.

Also, remember that a DJ works hard to prepare for the wedding. They spend a week or two sorting through songs, picking the right ones, arranging them in a playlist or several playlists, trying to understand if this particular song fits the vibe, and so on. It’s not as simple as we might think. So, give your DJ as much specifics as you can in advance. And respect their work.

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