Beautiful wedding avaThis 2020 year was terrible for a lot of couples planning their wedding, but we still hope that the next year will bring us relief and people will be able to celebrate the creation of their new family in a more relaxed and safe way. At the same time, the year 2020 is almost over and we can say that it changed our vision of a perfect wedding and brought new trends that will probably be popular in 2021 as well (or maybe even more so). In reality, some of these wedding trends are great and truly charming. Let’s talk about the new tendencies and try to predict what weddings will be like in the next wedding season.

More intimate and homey weddings

In 2020, micro weddings and different variations of this wedding style became extremely popular. We all know which circumstances have led to this. But there is a bright side – small weddings often are much more cozy, romantic, and intimate than grand weddings with hundreds of guests. In the next few months, at the very least, micro weddings will continue to be trendy and one of the possible options. So, let’s take everything we can from this trend and revel in its benefits. Because it’s easier to add a homey atmosphere to a small wedding with just the closest family and friends, and such ceremonies are more budget-friendly. At the same time, micro wedding doesn’t have to be cheap and simple, you can make it super fancy if you want. Make your small wedding memorable without spending a fortune and stressing for months during the planning.

Creative décor installations

This trend has appeared logically, because how can you make even a small wedding fancy and memorable? By making it look stunning. Wedding décor designers will never be jobless as long as they create masterpieces for the wedding halls and venues. No matter how big or small your wedding is going to be, there are a few obligatory things you have to have – one of them is professional wedding photos. And for the wedding photos, you need to decorate your wedding location as best you can. So, these creative wedding installations and arrangements will be in trend in 2021. It can be anything – hanging flower arrangements; arches and tunnels made from florals, lanterns, greenery, balloons, and various other materials; constructions made from ribbons or tapestry or potted plants; ceiling installations, etc.

By the way, intricate lighting will be fashionable the next year. Various installations with Edison bulbs, neon lights, or fancy chandeliers will be the thing.

Huge wedding photoshoots

We’ve just talked about wedding photos, and they will also make a 2021 wedding trend. There will be more long and thematic wedding photoshoots, people will spend more money and time on their wedding photos because, with smaller weddings, they will simply have more time and money on it. So, wedding photographers – get ready to work with couples for hours. And future brides and grooms – book a professional photographer as early as possible so that you didn’t lose your chance to have the perfect wedding photo album. In a situation when we can invite only so many guests to our wedding, we need a lot of high-quality and professionally-made photos to show everybody who couldn’t attend the event. More and more couples will hire wedding photographers and videographers in 2021 to catch their happy day on cameras.

Offbeat table centerpieces

This part of the wedding décor will develop new, totally non-traditional, and creative designs in 2021. Instead of ordinary floral bouquets and candle constructions, we’ll see more of high-tech designs, unusual shapes and materials, bewildering installations – something we haven’t seen before, something radically new.

Eco-friendly wedding trends

Every year, people all around the world get more and more concerned about the future of our planet, pollution, and the influence humanity has on nature, so we see more eco-friendly tendencies and innovations being used in the wedding business. A lot of manufacturers offer cute natural wedding décor, utensils, and other useful stuff these days. For example, you can easily find organic disposable tableware, organic placemats for wedding tables, and so on, which actually look charming. To learn more about eco-friendly wedding ideas, read our article How to make your wedding more eco-friendly. Reduce, reuse, recycle tips. These tips will help you be up to date in 2021.

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