Latin America avaDuring your wedding prep, you might get a whole lot of opinions and advice from practically everybody around you – family members, friends, co-workers, vendors, etc. Some of this info is truly useful and will help you plan the perfect wedding, but there also will be pointless and even absurd suggestions. It’s important that you learn to distinguish which tips are useful and which aren’t. Here are a few worst wedding advice you might hear. How should you react?

Worst wedding advice #1

You have to get married within 1 year after your engagement

Of course, not! It’s only up to you when and how you will get married. Engagement can last for a few years sometimes – it’s not common, but it’s possible. If you don’t have a big enough wedding budget yet or want to plan a huge wedding (which needs time and effort) or decide to wait for the end of the pandemic or have some other reasons, that’s totally fine. You don’t have to put yourself under any time limits. The engagement just means that you and your honey decide to live your life together and commit yourself to each other. So, no pressure.

Worst wedding advice #2

You need to hurry

People probably will tell you to make your choices quickly – pick your bridesmaids ASAP, hurry to book this venue while it’s still available, choose your wedding dress today, and so on so forth.

Should you listen? No. Take your time with picking the right options to be sure they’re the best. Of course, you shouldn’t be too slow and unsure about making your mind. But never hurry if you’re not forced to – for example, if you have only 2-3 months for your wedding prep, there is no other choice than to do everything ASAP. But if you have 12-18 months before the event, use this time smartly. If you hurry and book the venue you don’t like just because it’s available, you will have to have the wedding there or lose your deposit. If you pick your bridal party too quickly, you might change your mind later, and it always sucks to uninvite people.

So, never hurry to make the most important decisions. But at the same time, don’t delay it too much. Try to find the perfect balance.

Worst wedding advice #3

You should do what is expected and please your wedding guests

No way! A wedding is a personalized event. It’s your big day and you deserve to plan it as you wish, not as you’re told to do. The wedding guests are not the most important people at a wedding, you simply invite them to share your happiness with them. If someone doesn’t like how your wedding looks like or is celebrated, it’s their own business. You’re not supposed to plan a wedding for the guests, only for you and your loved one. So, relax and organize every single part of your wedding the way you like it.

Worst wedding advice #4

Up your budget – you can always sell it later

When choosing your wedding purchases, stay in your budget. A lot of people think that they can buy a more expensive wedding gown or décor pieces or furniture because it can be easily sold after the wedding. Sure, there is a whole market for various used wedding items, but there’s no guarantee you’ll quickly and profitably sell everything. Consider money got from selling your wedding dress, wedding décor, and other stuff a nice bonus, not an assured income.

There are, of course, a lot more awful wedding advice out there, we can’t list them all here, but these are some of the biggest and most important bad suggestions you might get while planning your wedding. And while you will get a lot of useful tips, be careful with what you’re listening to and what you’re ignoring. Have a mind of your own and good luck!

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