Rain wedding avaNice weather can save your wedding mood. But what if it’s going to rain on your wedding day? How can you not stress about it?! First of all, calm down and read this article. We’ll tell you how to save the day even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. Rain is by far not the worst thing that can happen, although it can upset you, if you prepare for it in advance, rain won’t spoil your wedding. We promise).


Do you absolutely need to be prepared for the rain?

If you live in a place where rains are rare and blessed, don’t worry about it. Though in some areas, heavy rains and unexpected storms are the norm – if that’s your case, always be ready for it, especially when planning such an important event as the wedding. When doing your wedding prep, check the weather forecast from time to time to see whether rain is expected. Even if there’s a slight possibility of rain, make a backup plan to protect your wedding in case it does rain. Better be prepared and not use this backup plan than be taken by surprise.

So, how can you “rainproof” your future wedding? What steps to take for you to be sure that rain won’t ruin the wedding?

Rainproof tip #1

Choose your wedding location smartly

If you’re planning a backyard or beach wedding, it has to be done in the dry season. Late fall, early spring, and winter are, obviously, not the best choices (unless you live in the tropics, but even then, there is a rainy season). You know your location well, so choose the right time, when the weather is usually sunny and warm. Otherwise, think about an indoor wedding location – there are plenty of options (special venues, wedding halls, restaurants, castles, etc, even rented cottages and industrial buildings).

Most venues that are in the wedding business have their own backup plans. They are prepared for any weather because usually, they host events all year round. So, they probably already have tents, indoor wedding photoshoot locations, outdoor spots with a roof, and so on. Discuss with the venue coordinator or manager as to how good they’re equipped for the rain.

If your indoor wedding location is small and you still need to use the open space outdoors, have a roof or tent (ideally, with sides and sometimes even with the floor) prepared. No one wants to dance in the rain at a wedding. It’s important to think not only about the roof but about the floor as well because you can imagine how comfy it is to walk on the wet lawn or dirt. By the way, paved surfaces aren’t always safe – when they’re not on high ground.

Rainproof tip #2

Be ready for adjustments

Try to be flexible with any adjustments that might be caused by rain. It’s ok to make some spontaneous decisions on your wedding day. Moreover, if you have a wedding planner, this person is probably ready for most expected or unexpected mishaps. So, try to relax and trust your vendors do their job. They work weddings every weekend or even every day – they know what to do. For example, your caterer might suggest changing the wedding meal a bit to suit the weather – let them. Your planner or coordinator might offer to change your wedding timeline and avoid the damage that may be done by the rain. It’s their job to help you enjoy your happy day no matter what.

Rainproof tip #3

Rent a tent. But beware, most deposits are non-refundable

If you know for sure that there will be rain on your wedding day and your wedding location is in the open, you can rent a tent. But there are some complications with this issue. Tents are expensive, the deposits are high (up to 50% of the overall rental cost) and usually non-refundable. So, think hard about whether you really need a tent at all. In case, there is only a 10% possibility that you will use a tent, it’s not worth booking it because you’ll lose a lot of money. Tents can be extremely useful but for those who truly need them.

Rainproof tip #4

Choose wedding attire, hairdo, and makeup wisely

Even when there is no rain, pick long-lasting waterproof makeup for the wedding day because it has to stay on your face for hours and look perfect. You might cry, sweat, get in the rain, etc, and your makeup must still look good. Still more attention you should pay to your look on a rainy day.

The same applies to a hairdo. Discuss with your hairstylist what you can do with the hair to make it look perfectly styled even a bit wet. It means no loose curled tendrils – they get flat and thin in a second, and curls never last in the rain. A professional will know for sure what options to suggest for you. For example, braids and some buns look the same when wet or dry.


How to rainproof your wedding


With a wedding gown, the situation is a little simpler, but there are, of course, some peculiarities as well. For example, avoid too sheer fabric because when wet, it becomes transparent, and no one wants the bride to look naked at the altar. If the fabric of your wedding dress is light and delicate, you’d better made the gown multilayered to, again, avoid appearing naked. Some fabrics are a bit more waterproof than others, which might be enough if the rain is light. Heavy rains can ruin any wedding dress. Another piece of advice is to watch out more carefully about the bottom or (God forbid) a train of a gown – it gets dirty so quickly in the rain. On the other hand, think about some stylish outerwear to cover your open shoulders, neckline, or back and warn you up a little – a cape, a jacket, a shawl, etc.

You can use some accessories to protect yourselves from the rain. Like lovely decorative umbrellas (lace or clear or Asian-style).

Also, think really carefully about your shoes. In a wedding hall or walking down the aisle, you can wear whatever footwear you desire, but when going outside in the rain, switch it to something more comfortable – cute boots or shoes with a smaller or comfier heel, etc. There is a wide variety of shoes that look great and are more sensible when it’s wet and slippery outside.

Sometimes, a light drizzle makes a bride look even better, freshening her skin and adding charm to her appearance. But this depends a lot on the look she chose for this day. Rainy weather can be romantic or disastrous for a wedding. And only your choices can tilt the scales in one direction or another.

Rainproof tip #5

Umbrellas for wedding guests

It’s very nice to have a few extra umbrellas for your wedding guests. Those who forgot an umbrella or didn’t want to carry it around the whole day will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Another advantage of these accessories prepared in advance is that you can choose them in the same style and your bridal party will look better in the wedding photos if their umbrellas match.

Rainproof tip #6

Warm up your guests

We’ve talked earlier about adjusting your wedding food and drinks for rainy weather. It means that you might want to add more hot drinks, mulled wine, cocoa, and other options of drinks that can warm up your wedding guests.

Also, prepare at least a few throw blankets for those who are cold, because rain usually means cooler weather and women will still want to dress prettily rather than comfortably.

If the weather gets really bad and cold, prepare also heaters to help your wedding guests feel warmer and comfier. You can rent these heaters or bring them from home or sometimes venues have them in-store. But you have to arrange them in advance.

Rainproof tip #7

If it rains, accept that and move on

We can’t change the weather, so when the weather goes sideways, try to come to terms with it. If you’re very upset, give yourself some time to sit and be sad, and then get up, forget about the weather, and get going. No matter if it rains or snows or hails or whatever, this is your day, you’ve spent a lot of time and money to prepare for it, you’ve anticipated it and dreamed about it. Try to let go and not stress about something you can’t change.

And also, sometimes, extreme conditions create the best wedding photos ever (by the way, if you’re expecting rain on your wedding day, look for a few cool ideas of wedding photos in the rain – there are truly beautiful masterpieces created by professional photographers). Think about what you can gain from the rain instead of stressing about what you lose.

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